5.12.23 Back Blast – The Defender at The Patriot

It was an absolutely PERFECT morning with temperatures hovering around 65 degrees, with no precipitation or wind. Weather was so nice our shovel flags just showed up by themselves ready to see some HIM’s in action.

Pax showed up at 14 strong which included: Root Canal, Furdays, Squishy, Single Source, Layover, Sal Goodman, White Bread, Xerox, Hanson, Sarah Palin, Yankovic (R), Honey Comb, Scammer, SQL (Q).

After delivering the disclaimer we started out with some F3 standard COP warms ups:

SSH X 20

Grass Grabbers X10

Downward Dog – Right over Left – Right Right, Hand to Sky Q, Left over Right, Left Left, Hand to Sky Q

Toy Soldiers X10

Feeling sufficiently warmed up, or as warmed up as some studly HIM’s needed to be, we moved onto Thang 1 which would consist of 3 exercises of 60 reps followed by a lap around the courthouse. There would be three rounds of this with the exercises changing each round. At the end of each round the PAX was instructed to wait for all to finish before we moved on. Early finishers had the option to hold plank or run back for the six. It was noted the Q needed some music… so Single Source (I think?) busted out the trusty iPhone which saved us from the serenading of a few PAX who I can only assume ate the equivalent of a bucket of beans before gracing the presence of the AO.

Round 1:

60 Coupon Curls – 60 Coupon Squats – 60 Big Boys – Run Lap

It was at this point we did a count off because oops…

Round 2:

60 Overhead Coupon Press – 60 Lunges – 60 LBC’s (IC) – Run Lap


60 Dips – 60 Step Ups – 60 Flutter Kicks (IC) – Run Lap

Time to move on to Thang 2! After a short mosey over to the parking lot PAX were instructed to form a line. Thang 2 would consist of moving from point A to point B using the Q’s chosen form of transportation method and then performing a small set of reps upon arrival.

First movement was the always loved bear crawl and then burpee’s upon reaching the end. This was followed up with lunge walking and some manatee’s in honor of Yankovic. Next up was Bernie and Freddy Mercury. We then finished up Thang 2 by doing some broad jumps to the end followed by jump squats just to make sure our legs could feel like they worked out.

After completion of Thang 2 we moseyed back to the start for some Mary which included fan favorites such as American Hammers, elevators, V Ups, Circle Burpees (IYKYK), Flutter Kicks and the like. Feeling accomplished, and perhaps a tad sweaty, time was called.

COR, NOR, announcements and intentions then closed out with prayer.

Good work HIM’s! Until next time…SQL out.

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