05-11-2023 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski

With a Q that scratched on Tuesday. YHC was not prepared with a back up. After sending out to mumblechatter on Wednesday and no responses it was settled…a Slide Rule Q was in order. Knowing that Biceps and Triceps were in need of a revival, they were on the menu. At the start I gave the disclaimer and we moseyed with coupons down to the courtyard…

COP: Started with some high knees, butt kicks, and hillbilly running. We also did arm bar, and tricep stretching, and good mornings. Finished with 5 diamond merkins.

The Thang: Alarms were set at each 5 minute interval during the work out. When the alarm went off both a bicep and tricep exercise was completed OYO according to the remaining time in the work out. For example: The 5:40am alarm went off and 35 minutes remained in the work out so 35 bicep curls and 35 diamond merkins. I recommended that the reps be split up because the diamond merkins are really hard unbroken. This pattern proceeded at 5:45, 5:50, 5:55, 6:00, 6:05, and 6:10. From 5:55 on the exercises were hammercurls and skull crushers.

When the alarm work was not going on there were variations of 20 reps alternating biceps and triceps: Hammercurls, overhead tricep press, bottom half bicep curl, bench dips, top half bicep curls, close grip coupon merkins, seated bicep curls, bench dips. As time was fading we brought coupons back toward the flag and circled up for mary but had the 6:10 alarm go off for 5 reps of hammercurls and skull crushers. Then banana press (chest press on each cadence count of flutterkicks), ab-o-rama with 6 variations of lbcs, ankle bitters, freddy mercury. Finally we did a waterfall bicep curl. It was a bit confusing for the pax as we were rushing to get it in. Basically counting 5 reps and finishing another 5 in silence while the pax to your left starts counting his first 5. once finished holding the block in the middle of curl. next round starts at 4. We only got two rounds before time was called.

COT: Prayers for Eye Booger recovery from illness, traveling mercy for several pax.


Borland (R), Banana Bread, Charolais (R), Spam, Night Crawler 2.0, Whopper 2.0, Firefly 2.0, Shuttlecock, Birdie, Beach Body (R),Slide Rule (Q)

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