5.12.23 Pre Blast: The Baptizer @ The Garden -BigBird Q

Picture this: You’re at Golden Corral and on a very rare, once in a blue moon, everything is super fresh, right out of the oven. You look at the buffet and you load your plate up with a little bit of everything. On a separate occasion you go to an all you can eat ice cream bar and you put on ALL of your favorite toppings plus a mound of whip cream with a cherry on top. Endorphins rushing while you shovel it in; you are in your happy place…until 5 minutes later when you realized you overindulged and can barely move.

Tomorrow ITG it’ll be the same but completely different. We will do a little bit of everything but there will be no food. We will overindulge but not in garbage but in max effort. Your endorphins will kick in but not until afterwards when we’ve all put in work, gotten more better together and have put the cherry on top of a week full of workouts, ready to dominate our Friday!

We’ll run, use on site coupons, climb some hills and get goofy right around 0612!

Come fly with me and SYITG!!

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