BB 5/13/23 – Pizza Q – The Majestic Fog @ Posh

PAX in attendance: Kemba (FNG), Quattro, Mr. Roper, Jewel, Pastel, PK, Diane Dukes, Pizza.

I went over the (5) core principles of F3 for the FNG – Always free, open to all men, workouts happen rain or shine, peer led, and always ends in COT.

Warm Up: SSH, Abe Vigodas, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog Calf Stretch, Arm Circles and Michael Phelps

Pre-blast stated we were going to run – And that is exactly what we did. Native American run around the egg lawn and around the barn to meth hill. We did a modified 7’s where we did a merkin, shoulder taps, ab taps, knee taps, and foot taps (7) times at the top, run to the bottom and do (6) of each, back up (5) each, etc. Once completed there was a YouVsYou mini-tabata where we did 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest on these 5 exercises: Merkin, Squat, Freddy’s, SSH, and Plank, which was realistically our rest period… We then hit the hill again. (7) merkins and (7) squats at the top, run down (6) each, run up (5) each, etc. Pax were tired. A lot of, “I hate running” and “why is there so much running”. Pre-blasts are your friend, Ladybird can attest to that. After the second set of 7’s we did another Native American run back to the startex for Mary where we did Bug Smackers (Thanks Ferb!), Gas Pumps, and Elevators. By my calculations we logged approximately 4 miles. I might be the only one, but 0800 hit quick.

COT – Countorama, Nameorama, FNG told an embarassing story about a time where he indulged a bit much and thought he was Derrick Henry (Big TN Titans Fan*). Towards the end we learned he DOES NOT like Kemba Walker… So, naturally, FNG – Kemba. Welcomed Kemba!

Annoucements – Dare to care today 5/13 – 0900-1200 – Great showing! Good work HIM! May ruck 5/27 with Diablo as Q at Posh at 0700 (Modified Murph*).

10 seconds silent prayer. Sometimes we don’t take the time to appreciate what is happening in our lives, other lives, and what we can do to make it better. We took a step back, LITERALLY (Dukes*), and were silent to reflect on how we can, and will, better ourselves and those around us. All pax earned the rest of their weekend. Good work.

2 for coffeeteria at the prestigious IGA after for heavy bourbon mumblechatter.



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