BB – Patty Q- Ruiner at the O – 5/13/23

The O is legendary, everyone knows that… but make a note – the traffic is SUPER busy at 0700 and everyone with a pair of Brooks and their brother is there. So plan accordingly and don’t play in traffic. 🙂

YHC got to the O a little early and Rucked a few miles with the O’s finest – Sump Pump, Tron, and Dot and then pulled up to the flags so that welcome the rest of the PAX. I got the chance to pull out an old Soccer workout where we would be moving the entire time and I hope the rest of the crew prepared to sweat. 0700 hit, we moseyed…

Sump Pump (R)
El Mule (R)
Vincent (R)
Fertile Myrtle
Patty (Q)

Runners Stretch
Tempo Merkin – IC – 10x
Arm circles

Thang 1 – Ab ‘n Mosey

The idea was to mosey and stop to work 4 different Ab exercises with the Tabata counter

1st Ab Stop – in the grass off the side of the road.
Box Cutters

During the Mosey, I found out a couple things really quick. Bombay is fast, Russdiculus wanted to get in extra credit and got to work early with a run pre- workout, and Vincent AND Tron are Bourbon Chase originals. You better believe the EHL for this year was on high from YHC. 🙂

Next Ab stop on a the tee box from Seneca’s golf course. Exercises were:
Gas Lump
American Hammers
Hello Dolly

We moseyed again back up to flags while we were dodging traffic but Sump Pump was gracious enough to point out all the nice hills of the O. Thanks SP!!

We got to the flags and the front runners would plank up for the 6. And we all came together, it was time for a rest with the 2 minute plank. It pays to be a front runner to do extra planks!!

That was a good rest. Now on to Thang #2

Thang #2 – 7’s

We moved to the tennis courts and used the 3 courts as our start and end for the travel. Handbook assured YHC that music was encouraged at the O and the Spotify Playlist had been hitting all the Vibes of Seneca park. So we turned it up and also the music. 7’s were:
Bobby Hurleys

After a few 10 counts, it was time to Mosey again. We cut across the field and picked a spot on the circle to do the last THANG

Thang #3 – 10 minute drill – EMOM sprint for 10 minutes

We started in the street, but with Bombay’s wisdom and hatred for dodging cars, we moved to the grass/sidewalk. It was a slight learning curve, but the PAX figured it out quick… the 10 minute drill was up to you and the farther you went out, the quicker you had to get back. Like I mentioned before – Bombay was fast, but Fertile Mertle came storming in at the second half, and El Mule was killing it and encouraging the rest of the crew to finish this one strong.

After the Last one Best one rep, we slowey to flags and finished up.


CoR- 14

NoR – No FNG’s

Announcements – Dare to Care, County Fair, F3 HH.

Intentions – those unsaid and to all mothers with us and not.

Finished with a sweaty Ball of Man and the Sky Q’s pray.

Thank you all for letting me come out with you today and workout with you. Until next time…


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