5.12.23 Back Blast: The Baptizer @ El Jardín

Mom Suit’s the man! Dude’s been coming out for less than 9 months. He’s got 177 total posts, 88 this year and 15 of those…he had the Q. I’ve never witnessed the dude backing down from a challenge and when Glowsticks asked him to take on site Q duties at The Baptizer I would expect nothing less than his acquiescence. He’s already got the calendar filled up to mid July so when he asked me to take a spot I knew I had to jump on it.

0529 and upon observing the men who were in front of me, I was assured that it was going to be a good day!

The PAX: Charolais (R), Mom Suit, Glowsticks, Natty Light, Diane Dukes, Jewel, Bob Ross, BigBird (Q)

Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a warmup mosey. Went and grabbed coupons for the activities yet to come. Dropped our coupons and circled up for…

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Squatty Potties into Groiners (R&R), then onto some stretching with Pigeon Stretches, aka Caitlin Jenners, aka Bud Lights…whatever. Tempo merkins and finished off with some other stuff to get loose. We were now ready for…

Thang 1: The Flock of Seagulls song ‘I Ran’ is 3:40. For the duration we would Run 1 lap of a predetermined distance at a mosey pace and the next lap we would push for greatness…you know, that one percent…rinse and repeat, easy, tough etc. until the song was over. Recover with the Site Q giving us in a 10 count be for we got into…

The next Thang: partner work. Partner one runs a lap at a bit longer of a predetermined distance while partner 2 does an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 man makers, 10 coupon lateral raise, 15 coupon squats. Partners tag and carry on like this for 4 rounds…..Recover with a 10 count from the former Site Q Glowsticks and another from Natty.

Head to The Baptizer for the last Thang (prefacing here next: I promised FUN on the preblast figuring I would get in a round of Wonkey Donkey at the end. However, because the Q juice was flowing hard and The Garden spirit had taken over, there was no fun on this day, only hard work. Mom Suit had to remind YHC that it was 0611 and we still had to put coupons up. Charolais was disappointed about not having a dose of Wonkey Donkey…and that there was no ice cream as mentioned in the preblast.) Anyway, I digress. The last Thang: an all out to the top of the hill, 20 merkins, mosey back down and 20 jump lunges (each leg was 1) Rinse and repeat-o for two rounds. Returned coupons, mosey to the flag, got in 1 BBSU so we said we did Mary and time was called at 0616 (sorry boys…not a professional…)

Three things I learned: 1) you don’t recommended air presses as an exercise at The Garden. 2) Diane Dukes didn’t know what a “Swisher rolled tight” was until this day ( I have a hard time believing that…) and 3) Charolais really likes ice cream.

Circled up for COT, NOR & COT: made some announcements and said some intentions. Thanks to The Sky Q for all of our blessings and for this group of men. We ask that You allow us to use the gifts that You have given us to help to impact those around us.

Until next time…


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