Pre-Blast May 20, 2023 3rd Annual COUNTY FAIR

Not sure if you have seen the flyer yet or not, but several big money sponsors have stepped up and I am excited to announce that attendance is free for this year’s County Fair!! That’s right…come one, come all…maybe even bring out that FNG you have been headlocking. If you have a ruck(s) or sandbag(s)…bring them…even if you are not rucking. Most of Meter Maid’s home gym is not allowed to come out and play if there is more than an 8% chance of rain (or even high humidity), so we want plenty of toys for the heavy.

Here is the run of show for tomorrow…

  • 0600 – 30 minute Heavy (Meter Maid Q)
  • 0630 – 30 minute run or ruck…your choice (Run Co-Qs: Backflop / Dauber; Ruck Co-Qs: Meter Maid / Pelican)
  • 0700 – 30 minute Bootcamp (Pelican, Backflop, Dauber Co-Q)
  • 0730 – Ultimate glowing frisbee extravaganza
  • 0800 – Endex (with refreshments & 2nd F)


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