Back Blast: 5.24.2023 – Range At the Patriot

I was nervous and didn’t sleep since this was my first time to Q at the AO that named me when I first showed up as an FNG last August! I remember these guys kicking my butt so hard I had no idea which way was up or down! I came loaded this time with two Garden Goons (Jimmy Neutron and Husky) in my Clown Car ready to go!

Weather was fantastic and 22 PAX showed up ready to work at 5.30a sharp!

We finished a quick warm up with Thang 1: Burpees to Chumbawumba Tubthumping (Every time “I get knocked down” get back up!). It makes burpees feel so much better when you do them to music…even if my tiny little speaker barely cleared the morning fog.

We went straight into Thang 2: Pyramid

5 Merkins, 5 Big Boys, 5 Man Makers, then 10 of each, then 15, then 20, and then back down 20-15-10-5. We ran to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill to do our Merkins and Big Boys, then back up each time to do our Man Makers under the Pavilion. Heart rate got up and stayed up!

Husky, Tudors, Kitty Litter, and Rip Van Winkle got out in front and stayed out in front to push us hard! For those who completed the full pyramid, we put it 100 reps of each of those 3 moves.

We finished just in time to circle up, but not enough to Mary. No intentions today or FNGs, just a reminder to work hard, push for 1% more. Earn the right to be heard.

F3 nation, and our nation at large, needs what each HIM brings, but before others will listen, we have to earn the right to be heard. Earn it Men!

-Mom Suit

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