Star Child over cooks the Egg at the Inubator

13 HIMs posted at the #incubator in the Gloom this morning, including an FNG who found us through #artofmanliness. PAX included Dan (FNG) Professor, Force Close, Tool Time, Hammer, Methane, Bobross, Taco, Fro, Flea, Lil Smoky, Double Down, Gypsy, and yours truly, Star Child.

Warning: this was a hard one to start the week…

20 Peter Parkers IC
20 Don Quijotes IC
10 X3 Leg Raisies

  • I brought these back home from Indy. On your 6, raise your legs in cadence (forming a V). After 10, do the same but pause in the middle (doubles). That one is triples, adding two pauses in the leg raise.


We moseyed on over to the Egg Lawn for a lil stroll…. Did you know there are 42 light poles around the circle? Well, now you do. I split the run into four parts. 10 poles at each (giving away the extra two). First up, BURPEES. We did one burpee at the first light, then two at the second. All the way to ten. LBCs on the wait for the 6. This was the method to my madness. Next rounds included

  • Squats
  • AL Dry Docks
  • Groiners- Start at plank, swing your feet outside your hands, then back to plank, is one

We headed back to the parking lot to catch our breath with some Mary

  • Rosalitas
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Dollys
  • American Hammers

Lastly, I thought I saw a wall falling down, so I thought we should try and hold it up with some air chairs. Of course, I had to find a wall big enough, and I didn't do my homework, so we went a little stroll through the park till we found one. We held the air chairs for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 4 times.

After that, I didn't hear much mumblechatter, so I think my job was done. We headed over to the shovel flag for Namearama. Welcome Dan to the PAX! I am glad he found us, and seems like he will be a good member. It takes courage to stroll up to a bunch of dudes at 5:30am on a Monday. TClaps my friend. Also Bobross drew the short straw and he shared the 6. He got his name from being an artsy fartsy IT guy. What a hippie. I get to write this, so I will explain his name how I see fit.

Peace Out.

Star Child

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