BackBlast 1st annual Costume Contest @ The Mutt #KiloQ


The results are in…..F3 PAX are clearly motivated by good bourbon.


10 Costume Pax

Basic White Girl (Swifty)

monopoly man (abacus)

before F3 (methane)

Jason/Thing1 (happy fingers)

captain kilo (Kilo)

clown joker (mad cow)

kilo excel spreadsheet (spreadsheets)

freaky deeky pinky (zartan)

heizenburg (old bay)

(NP) 80’s hair band (Quimby)


due to exceptional creativity and using his F3 name in his costume the official winner of the 1st annual Halloween Costume Contest is…….




24 PAX 1 FNG


Backdraft, happy fingers, curly, mad cow, methane, mouth, Quimby, yazz flute, Swifty, deuce, bush, Gepetto, bumblebee, old bay, spreadsheets, zartan, katina, waterboy, abacus, Tauren, Di’gorno, Kilo, FNG (Saban)



25 SSH

15 Abe Vigoda


station 👆

10 Star child squats

10 Christopher Columbus Squats


station ✌️

25 coupon front shoulder press

25 coupon curls


station ✌️👆

jog around the school

high knees on sides


repeato x 4


Burn Out

Black Hawk Merkins 3 sets



prayers were shared for the Heitmann family during what must be a very difficult time.


A sincere thank you to the Mutt for allowing me to lead an awesome WO.  I believe the Contest was a huge success and hope to see it continue on an annual basis.  Im humbled in front of the PAX and am thankful to be a member of this group!







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