BackBlast from the Mutt: Halloween Hangover #ISI

PAX: Spreadsheet, Wham!, Nugget, Exlax, Goodman, Captain Insane-o, Country Boy, Major(FNG- Respect), Zartan

Conditions: Cold and Rainy 35ish degrees

After a chilly Halloween the PAX seemed to be less enthusiastic this morning in the gloom.  Too much candy? Too many soda pops? Or was it because it was straight nasty out.    No reason to dwell on it.  We jumped in.

But wait.  We had a new guy.  And not just a new guy but Country Boy’s father.  I looked around and confirmed CB was no where in site.  What a time for a naked HL. CI gave me a look and reminded me to make the traditional disclaimer.  Disclaimer made,   Major decided that with his 69 years of experience he would skip the mile plus pill run and do some warm ups while he waited.  So off we went.

PAX was introduced to my F3 Pill.  A 20lb sand bag covered in duct tap and branded with a sticker.  The Pill run was an Indian Run where the 6 while holding pill does 5 Thrusters before catching up to the group, handing pill to the 6 and continuing to the front of the line.

As we ran through the neighborhood we saw some headlights making the turn ahead.  Was it Tiger 3 wheeling it for his always right on time appearance?   Maybe KV and Hobbs running up in perfect synchronized fashion with headlamps?  No.  It was CB having drug his ass out of his fartsack to join Dad in the gloom.  Better late than never.

We made it back to the Mutt and proceeded to grab coupons and circle up.   Major was in for this round of Tabata work.

Round 1 – 60 seconds on 10 seconds off

Coupon Thrusters, Rows and Curls.  Finish with 1/4 mile lap around school

Round 2- 60 seconds on 10 seconds off

Squats, Presses and Incline Merkins. Finish with 1/4 mile lap around school

YHC realized two things during this WO.  First, 60-10 tabata sucks.  Second, we were way behind schedule to get it all in.  Eliminating the last Round of tabata we jumped into a ridiculous exercise.  Blocktanomo.

Blocktanamo- Circled up with with coupons.  PAX holds Coupon in front of them at shoulder height.  One at a time PAX runs on the inside of the circle pushing each coupon down as they go.  When they get back to starting point the next PAX follows suit.  We were all struggling through this one.  Wham! I hope your recovering is progressing.  Needless to say we did not hit round 2 going counter clockwise.

Returned coupons for the Bearpees.

img_1335Bearpees are a 1:4 ratio of Burpees to bear crawl.   We lined up in the parking lot and performed 1 Burpee, Bear crawled 4 count, 1 burpee, bear crawl 4 count… you get it.  first round was 5 burpees. Second round we increased only burpee count to 2 for 10 more burpees.

Had some time for Mary and honestly I did not feel like getting on my 6 on the cold wet pavement.  CI gave a little push and we settled in for Freddy Mercs until I called stop.  Heard everyone’s 2.0 costumes will we peddled.  Next into some LBCs until Q relieved.  Asked Wham! for the next Mary exercise and he called flutter kicks.  Inserted that into a Merkin Flutter Kick JackWebb style closer and off we went to 8:32.  Hit time and circled up by flag.

NOR and late COR relieved  8 PAX welcoming 1 FNG (Major).  Asked Sky-Q for strength  to overcome our challenges and off we went to WIN the day.

Thanks for the support this morning.  As the weather declines it is the PAX who we count on in the gloom that make this so special.  I look forward to more cold, wet and straight up nasty mornings with you all.

YHC- Zartan


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