Merkin Mouse BackBlast 11/7/17 – 5.5 Pax Came All This Way for This

Q:  Captain Insane-0

Pax (5.5) (1.5 FNGs):  Lil Smokie, Double Down (respect), Little Jerry (respect), Mittens (FNG), CI, Greg (FNG, LIFO; left before COT)

I knew two the Pax just finished the Indy Marathon (Little Jerry 3:40; Lil Smokie 3:02.  Proud), so I wanted to give them a break.  I had a loose plan that was a total body smokefest, but it turned into a merkin fest.  Note to any KD Pax, Disney has a toooooon of light posts.

The Thang

Mosey to the other side of the lagoon.  At each fourth light post, 5 merkins.  I lost count after 9, so it was something more than 50 merkins.  Mosey down the bridge for…



MCs 20 IC

Plank Jacks 20 IC

Small arm circles IC 10 each way

IWs 15 IC (knees to elbows, not elbows to knees)

Mosey to the benches for DIPS:

10 Decline Merkins, 10 IWs, 10 PJs, 10 Squats.  LBCs for the winners

15 DMs, 10 IWs, 10 PJs, 10 Squats.  Flutter kicks for the winners

20 DMs, 20 IWs, 20 PJs, 20 Squats.  More flutter kicks for the winners

Merkin Waterfall.  Start with 10 merkins and descend down with same seconds of rest between.  So 10, 10 Sec. rest, 9, nine sec. rest…. for 55 merkins

Mosey back toward the hotel to the grassy area.  Waaaaaay nicer than the Posh.  And all fire ants had been hand removed.

Mary time

20 LBCs IC

15 Rosalitas IC

10 Da Vincis IC

Mary Webbs LBCs, Flutter Kicks up to 5/20

BLIMPS OYO (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30)

Mosey back to the start, this time stopping at every second light post for 5 merkins.  I think it was another 50-60 this time.

COR, NOR.  Welcome FNG Mittens.  Little Jerry had the naming cannon ready for this FNG.  Congratulations to Little Jerry and his protege Lil Smokie for their marathon times.  Greg, man Greg, we barely knew you.  Pro tip:  if you ask to join guys for a jog, be careful, they may make you do hundreds of merkins.

We talked about the virtues of F3, and I silently gave thanks for these men and all the Pax in F3 that have affected my life in such a positive way.  To steal a phrase from Double Down (sunshine bazooka king), “What a way to start the day!”

CI out


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