12/13/17 Back Blast #TheBridge at #Poshlands


QIC: Red Roof

PAX (20): Mater (Toledo Pax), Mickey (Toledo Pax), Boozer, Mr. Hat, McAfee, Iceman, Methane, Uncle Rico, Wham!, Double Down, Glaucoma, Star Child, Dynomite!, Tool Time, Zartan, Slider, Captain Insane-o, Donkey Sauce, Red Roof, Bobross

Any time YHC Q’s I get pretty nervous the night before it.  Prop’s to my M for putting up with me these evenings, because I’m not a real joy to be around.  I want the PAX to have a good workout, and I don’t want oversleep to screw anything up badly.  For my first Q at the Poshlands I set the old alarm for 4:30.  By 4:00 am I was wide awake, so I jumped out of the fart sack and got to work.  I felt great then, I’m struggling now.  37 cups of coffee and I’m still fighting the fog.  BTW – It’s a long ride out to the Posh when you’re used to posting 5 min from where you live, but it’s totally worth the trip.  The Pax is great and the change of scenery is nice.  Plus Star Child will tell you all about his new baby feet.  (He won’t read this, so ask him about it next time you see him)

From the jump I wanted to make this workout a strong workout.  (A) It’s my first Q at Posh, (B) It was 24 degrees or so so I didn’t want to waste everyone’s time freezing their 6’s off, (C) Some F3 Toledo HIMs were joining us today and I didn’t want them reporting back that we were soft in the 502.

(Mega T-Claps to the Toledo Pax: The Mickey and Mater are great ambassadors and it sounds like you have things ROLLING there.)

Starting at the flag we moseyed the long way around (Karaoke time along the way) to the parking lot at the Egg Lawn for COP.

COP – All in cadence


Imperial Walkers x15

Monkey Humpers (pax favorite) x15

Squats x15

Merkins x15

Next we moseyed to The Bridge (It has a name, I just don’t know it…it may be Bridge to Terabithia) to do a workout on The Bridge and the workout today is called The Bridge.  I really felt like my chakras were centered at this point…could have used some Enya playing in the background.

Thang #1

Double 11’s – “borrowed” this from Pitino (F3 Charlotte)

After YHC screwed up explaining the way to do this exercise several times I finally just had everyone follow me.  The gist is this:  You’re doing two sets of 11’s at once.  Start on one side of the bridge with one Burpee.  Next run up the hill and back down it again to the other side and do 10 LBCs.  Cross the road and do 1 Merkin then run up, over, and back down the bridge and do 10 squats.  Cross the road again back to the start and then do 9-2 and 2-9.  Rinse and repeat until you back up to 10.

This took longer and was tougher than it looked on paper.  Merlot was almost splashed.

T-Claps to Dynomite!  for always having the 6 this morning, that’s truly what F3 is all about.

Thang #2

Mosey back to the Egg Lawn parking lot and find a parking block for some modified Mary:

Incline Merkins x15,

Da Vinci’s x15,

Carolina Dry Docks x15

Freddy Mercury’s x15

Mosey back to the shovel flag the long way (karaoke along the way) for COT



Announcements were made in regards to the Uspiritus Toy Drive.  Drop off unwrapped toys tomorrow or Friday at the latest at an AO after a post so we can get them to those who need them.

Toledo Pax made an announcement about their Grow Ruck in April.  We’ve got 9 HC’s already, contact me if you would like me to forward you more information.

Intentions were shared and we asked the Sky Q for help with the virtues of patience and contentment for everything we have, rather then resentment as to what we don’t.



2 thoughts on “12/13/17 Back Blast #TheBridge at #Poshlands

  1. Red roof that was a great read and appreciate the shout out . Your beatdown was legit and your PAX even stronger . Came home raving about the Louisville strength . Keep pushing yourself and your brothers.


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