12/22 BLACK OPS BACKBLAST – Downtown by Macklemore, er, Pitino #getbetter

Q: Pitino

Pax: Little Jerry, Wham!, Zartan, Red Roof, Pope, Mr. Hat, OJ, PK, Double Down, Nugget, Kilo, Mayberry, Star Child, Face, Tool Time, Captain Insane-o, Pitino

Before we start, any pictures/gifs/memes posted were not done by YHC, but by Insane-o, so just keep that in mind… unless they are awesome, then it was probably YHC sliding in the DM’s.

YHC had every intention to scope out the AO yesterday, but work got in the way so winging it was the way to go.  For the record, Google says the Big 4 Bridge is 2,525 ft.  It may be right, but I would venture to guess the Pax would not agree.  Calling 11’s up the circle ramp was also given a thought, but we might still be running of we did that.  So with some gentle suggestions on some areas to tackle, YHC had one goal, and it may be the first time it was thought of, YHC wanted to go to Indiana.  So at about 5:30:37AM on the dot, we hit the ground running to tackle the thing.

Warm Up:

Mosey up to the start of the bridge for a simple COP

SSH x 25, Copperhead Squats x 20, Merkins x 10, Wide Arms x 10, and Diamonds x 10 #crowdpleaser

THANG Numero Uno:

Stare down the longest 2,525 ft we have seen and begin to cross state lines

At each bench stop for an exercise:

-5 burpees (clap *not optional)

-10 hand release merkins (or plyo in some cases… animals)

-15 dips

-20 jump squats

-25 gas pumpers

Little did we know, there were enough benches to do this a total of 3 times… #eyesbiggerthanmymouth

Short Mary, and intro’d the Pax to some Makhtar N’Diaye’s (not sure of why they are called this, but here is some info on the player Makhtar) x 10

Mosey down steps, hit Hoosier-land and run around to amphitheater on the river.

THANG Numero Dos:

Jacob’s Ladder of burpees.  Run up to top of amphitheater, 1 burpee, back down to the bottom for 10 jump squats.  Repeat, adding burpee each time, do 10 jump squats err’ytime

Knowing we are short on time, but also looking like there may be a #Qsmoke, we had to get back with the swiftness.  Mosey back to steps, up and hang out for some more brief Mary.  Head back across the bridge with a couple stops for dips and Mary.  Quick photo op, before heading back down the spiral to the bottom.  An awesome COT (we forgot do call the 6, which is a really cool thing you guys do).


We actually had some stripping in COT so the NMM actually has some merit here (thanks for the shirt Kilo, will wear it proudly as I do my other F3 Louisville swag).  Speaking of weather, the warm morning really threw off my packing.  I can count on one hand the amount of times I have posted without a doo-rag or beanie.  It was certainly too warm for a beanie, and I did not pack any of my drawer full of colorful and awesome rags… for shame.  That is a great AO!  I know I barely touched it too.  Great views, well lit, a good bit of goose droppings, and only a few blood puddles (was there a fight between a human and an alien cuz some of those puddles were green).


We had a lot of folks to pray for today (and every day).  Let’s keep them and all others who need them lifted high.

Thanks for handing me the keys today, amazing how we had 17 HIMS at non-regular workout.  Kudos to you all for rocking this thing out.  I will put in a good word for the Region thing, but I wouldn’t hold my breath… I am good for some FBI jokes and asking about our super awesome tailgate for charity for Panther games… #shamelessplug… essentially they think I just hang out in a parking lot and drink craft beer.

Was an honor to lead you men into the Gloom.  Have an awesome Christmas!


CI’s turn. We love Pitino. He’s one of the men that made this possible for us. We turned out for him, and will every time he visits. Truly a HIM, even if he does hang out in parking lots. We hear it’s a great way to EH. Also, I added one word to P’s awesome backblast. Couldn’t help it. *

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