@F3VilleBlackOps Backblast 1/12/18 – Thunder in Joe Creason Park #getbetter #ISI

QIC: Captain Insane-o (YHC)

Pax (17, woof): DoDoDoDoDoDo, Face, Trump, Wham!, Zartan, Tool Time, Double Down (respect), Quimby, Old Bay, Tron, Digiorno, Sea Bass, Nugget, Red Roof, Pope Gillespie

Conditions: At 0420 it was 55* according to my talking wrist computer. When I picked up Face it was 49* and spitting rain. When we arrived at Joe Creason it was 41* and raining-ish, with a cutting 10-15 mph wind. When we finished at 0615 on the DOT it was 36* and there was some form of precipitation. During the workout, there was sleet and I think I saw snow. It’s my backblast, so there was snow.

Gear (for Zoolander): Custom F3Louisville Hoo-rag, Nike performance shorts, black F3 performance T-shirt, arm sleeves, Swiftwick socks, Newbies and a waterproof Columbia Jacket. No gloves; I knew what we were doing and I knew as a result the gloves would get really wet. It’s good to be the Q sometimes. Headlamp. Performance. Pope was in a muscle shirt and shorts (pictured below), but he had on gloves so I know his hands got cold. I offered him a jacket. He declined.

For those of you following along, our Black Ops concept is a way for us to get in beat downs on the fly (5 cores, 2+ Pax, you got yourself a stew going), but it also serves as a way for us to explore new AOs. This winter, we’ve done more BlackOps at new AOs than ever before. You heard about Zartan’s love of Cox… Park, and Kilo has already named Charlie Vettiner Park, the Hue (there’s a long set up for a joke that I won’t go into, but some of you will get there that heard about my experience yesterday. Needless to say, I’m voting for a name change to the Lamb). We’ve hit Waterfront Park at the Big 4 Bridge quite often. But we’d not ventured into the Highlands.

In typical F3Louisville style, though, we “Ready, Shoot, Aimed” for a Highlands BlackOp today at Joe Creason Park.

I say Ready, Shoot, Aim because YHC was completely oblivious that today is the end of the world in Louisville. And if we’re keeping score, I was the one who decided to set the Black Op. So that means I’m the Q and I’m responsible. Whoops…. According to the Weather Pornographers, er People, we are expecting a winter storm, possibly named Hunter (which makes it sound like a double-popped collar frat star is swinging by with a sixer of good IPA and a case of Busssssccch Light), that will dump ice and snow on Louisville today and through the weekend. Schools were cancelled yesterday at 4 pm. I’m pretty sure there is no milk left in the city, and businesses are closing.

So there are two ways to look at my decision to Q a workout the morning of the end of the world: 1. I’m a very stable genius who wants to make sure I see my friends one last time and give them the gift of fitness and fellowship; or 1. I’m an idiot. No need to answer out loud. We all know the answer.

Anyway, in true idiot/stable genius fashion, I’m tossing this out there. I VOLUNTEER TO BE THE SITE Q AT JOE CREASON. The Highlands is a high density area with tons of potential Pax. Hell, whenever I’m there, everyone is wearing Yoga pants, so I assume they are DTF (down to fitness, you dirty birds). I say we do this. Who’s coming with me? Well, 17 Pax came today to do this….

Here’s what went down:

I borrowed Kilo’s 40lb sandbag and explained to the Pax that it would become their friend during the workout. We would move through the Park via Native American/Indigenous People Run (NAR) with the six carrying the 40lbs (which got wetter by the minute and therefore heavier), handing it off to the next guy and on and on. So we lined up and moseyed out of the parking lot via NAR for COP:

25 SSHs IC

20 Grass grabbers with CLAP IC

20 IW IC

20 Copperhead Squats IC

Line up for the Thang:

Joe Creason has a lot of amenities. Multiple fields, a great playground with an area for pull ups, and running trails that route all around. I decided we would NAR with the 40lbs throughout to explore, stopping along the way to smell the roses (note: the one thing not at this Park is roses). NAR down a winding hill to a bridge for Part 1:

Triple Nickel: Sprint up the hill, 5 merkins, down the hill 5 squats. 5X. For those who finished early, weighted thrusts with the sandbag. I don’t like rest during my Qs. Line up, NAR a little ways for Part 2:

BLIMPS: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges (each leg 1/2), 15 IWs (each leg 1/2), 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, 30 Squat Jumps. Early finishers were treated to Burp, Burp, Pass. First finisher does a Manmaker with the 40lber, passes to next finisher, who does same, while others do burpees. As Pax finish, they do the Manmaker and all others continue doing burpees. Not saying who finished first, but Face did a shit ton of burpees. Line up, NAR to up the hill (70% grade) to the tree line for Part 3:

Sandbag holding Pax — Wham! — ran to the front. Line up in Plank position head to toe behind that Pax. Pax in back bear crawls to the front, while planking Pax do Merkins. This is when Trump — who is a Highlands guy — told YHC how he used to love Joe Creason Park, how he had great memories of taking his 2.0s there, but now I’d ruined the park for him. That made me smile. Trump has a way with words. Knows how to make a Q feel good. This was tough. The hill has a serious grade and the merkins were abundant. We finished, lined up and NAR’d to the end of the path, which also is the entrance to the park, for Part 4:

At the entrance, each Pax took a turn at throwing the 40lb sandbag as far as he could. And we broad jumped to the bag. Next Pax and so on. I thought this was fun. And I was impressed with everyone’s tosses. Old Bay came strong. He did the shot put twirl. Quimby noticed YHC’s rhythmic gymnastics training in my toss. But DoDoDoDoDo really took the prize for best toss. It wasn’t the farthest, form was fine, Yoda toboggan was strong, but what made it great is that he landed it squarely and entirely in the only puddle/pothole YHC saw in the entire park. The hole swallowed a full third of the bag. Sorry Kilo; better that than what we discussed doing to punish you for your fartsack (that’s got to be double digits BTW. And if I’m Tool Time, I sign up to Q just to wreck you). Anyway, time was running short, and I brought my Good Times Sound Machine for a finisher, so we hustled back to the flag NAR-style for Part 5:

THUNDERSTRUCK! YHC popped the hatch on his rig, beep boop bopped some buttons and explained that the Pax was to start in plank and do a merkin every time AC/DC said the word THUNDER. This was awesome (read: brutal). Pretty sure that song was 18 minutes long (again, my backblast, so it was 18 minutes) and they say THUNDER well-over 126 times (my backblast, nerd; yes, I know you have GOOGLE. I don’t care how many times they said it. I’m almost done. Read on). We finished right at 0615.

COR. Wow. 17 guys showed up before the end of the world. Stable genius, indeed. NOR. Tool Time called the six and told us that he has a garage full of tools that his neighborhood uses. He also told us about his body building days. I was really glad to see him this morning. JC isn’t exactly convenient from his house, so Tclaps Tool Time. I know it was nice for the Pax to get to know you better. Intentions given for family and friends, and a moment of silence for all of those folks and those not named. I took us out with some words, thanking these HIM for coming out for me, but more importantly for themselves. We’re doing something here, and I’m glad to be part of it.

CI out to count cans of food and to set some traps in the backyard.

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