Backblast 1/20/18 @theposhlands

QIC: Stormtrooper (VQ)

12 PAX: Steamer (Respect), Methane, Dutch Over, Double Down (Respect), Gypsy, Mr. Hat, PK, Abacus, Boozer, Lil Smokey, Iceman (Respect), Stormtrooper.


Weinke: We started with a warm-up to get the juices flowing after explaining that Stormtrooper is by no means a professional. Little did they know how true a statement this would turn out to be.

Little jog around the BEAUTIFUL POSHLAND parking lot X2, Side Straddle Hops X20 in cadence, Imperial Walkers X15 in cadence, Squats X20, Arm Circles X20 in cadence.

We proceeded approximately 3/4 of a mile to the soccer field parking lot, carefully steering away from the ice when we could. Began with Fireman Carries for the length of the soccer field. Stop halfway and did 10 squats with the partner still on the shoulders (If you could). Turn around and came back doing the same thing.

Then it got interesting. Stormtrooper dug deep into the exercise list to find something called the Bridge of Terror…or something like that. All PAX lay on their back shoulder to shoulder and pass each member down the line using their arms. Some assistance was needed but many grunts and groans were heard….we will call it a win.

Then another one…some demented exercise devised over bourbon and beer by a bunch of dudes called F69. Use your imagination, but it requires 2 people facing opposite directions. Top PAX had he feet elevated by the bottom PAX and did a murican pyramid from 10 to 1.

A slightly slower 3/4 mile run pack to the parking lot, but a run nonetheless and ended with a murican time bomb. Another sadistic murican pyramid of sorts with planks while the others are finishing theirs.

Ill keep it a bit more conventional next time…maybe

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