BackBlast Bag of Wrenches 2-13 at the O

QIC: Stormtrooper 16 PAX: Ant Man, Goodman, OJ, Scratch, Bean Counter, Mayberry, Butcher, Cutlass, Santana, Wham!, Pope, Gillespie, Jordie, Captain Insaneo, Vincent (respect), Stormtrooper. 16 PAX showed up despite the bland preblast and of course, Pope was sleeveless. A cool 27 degrees and no sleeves. He said he heard there was going to be running … Continue reading BackBlast Bag of Wrenches 2-13 at the O

Backblast 1/20/18 @theposhlands

QIC: Stormtrooper (VQ) 12 PAX: Steamer (Respect), Methane, Dutch Over, Double Down (Respect), Gypsy, Mr. Hat, PK, Abacus, Boozer, Lil Smokey, Iceman (Respect), Stormtrooper.   Weinke: We started with a warm-up to get the juices flowing after explaining that Stormtrooper is by no means a professional. Little did they know how true a statement this … Continue reading Backblast 1/20/18 @theposhlands