4/16/18 – Black Ops @ The Mutt – MOUTH GETS THE CALL FROM THE BULLPEN

QIC – @Mouth
PAX – Snowman, Old Bay, Wham, Amelia, Grinder

RE-POSTED from Slack.

Thursday at 10:08am Zartan threatened the PAX with a BO full body beat down at the Mutt. Six strong and handsome PAX answered the call.

6:29am – as the PAX circled up in the rain everyone had the same question, where is Zartan? Will he parachute in, army crawl across the football field, come up from the sewer…

6:32am – it was clear Zartan was not coming to lead the BO he talked about. What about the full body beat down? Should the PAX go home? Is his absence anyway related to “alcohol gate”?

6:33am – Mouth took the Q. He explained that getting wet outside is not his game so if he Q’ed he could assure the PAX a dry day.

Thang 1

Mosey to Zartan house for a wellness check…no lights on so we stopped and did 20 SSH counting loudly in hopes to wake Zartan. No luck so @Old Bay army crawled to the front porch and grabbed the flag. We moved forward and circled the surrounding area just in case Zartan was hurt somewhere and needed the PAX to find him and bring him to safety. No such luck so we headed back to the MUTT.

We circled undercover

10 – merkins
20 – cherry pickers
20 – LBC
20 – F kicks

Thang 2

Grab coupons and partnered up for some beach body work.

With a partner one would run to the end of the parking lot and do 20 SSH while the other worked to complete

100 – biceps curls
200 – shoulder presses
300 – bench press
200 – squats

Thang 3
4 sets of 10 – Lay on back while holding coupon and bring both legs up. I am sure there is a name for this but I don’t know it.

At this point the PAX was spent, but dry. Returned the coupons and circled up. Talked about stuff and @Old Bay lead us out.

6:53am – as I drove out of the plat (this is what neighborhoods are called where I grew up) to start my day I slowly drove by Zartan …still no lights on. Sleep well my friend.

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