Bring in the Right Hander #theFog

Q: Seabass (in relief)

Pax: Seabass, Mr. Hat, Boozer, Catfish, Bob Ross, Abacus, Iceman, Methane, Steamer, Gypsy, Data (FNG)

As the week went on, YHC began to feel the effects of a strong Flu season. I held out hope that I would be able to Q this morning at the culmination of the first guest Q week. I knew the whole time that I had a relief Q in my pocket if I was unable. And Seabass’ first Poshlands Q was born. As many at the O know, Seabass is not a kind Q, he is a heat firing closer. He doesn’t like to run, but he will put a hurt on you that will be felt in the fartsack for the next 3 days. When called into action, He was ready, and the planning began. Being the Veteran Starter (questionable) I am, I offered my Weinke to him. He looked at it, said, “thanks” and proceeded to throw douse it in gasoline and light the workout on fire.



Abe Vigotas IC



Mosey to the Egg lawn for thang 1

Thang 1

700 club

Split into groups of 4 (and 1 of 3). Using the light poles as your markers, you will do 700 reps as a team while running suicides.

200 Merkins (as a team)

200 LBCs (as a team)

200 Squats (as a team)

100 Burpees (as a team)

The groups start with a run to the next light pole, 5 burpees and back. The team does the first exercise as a team, runs to the second light pole, 5 burpees, and back to original pole. This continues with the next exercise, then 3rd pole, 5 burpees and so on. Upon arrival at the end, the team finishes with the last 5 burpees. Added all together and you get 700 reps per team. This was a good lead up and got everybody ready for the next thang.

Thang 2

Broken Down Burpees

This has become a Seabass favorite since CI’s Stupidest thing we have ever done. Also, it gives a good taste of the O for all the Posh that haven’t made it out yet. 5 stations are set up and the group was divided among them.

Station 1- Squats

Station 2-Groiners

Station 3- Merkins

Station 4- Squat jumps

Station 5- Burpees

Waterfall count from 5 of each station, then 4 down to 1. Bear crawling or Lunge walk between each station. The teams were instructed to stay together as they proceeded. Catfish Larry Birded this one, but YHC could tell that this was smoking the group. Tclaps for Iceman pushing through the Bear Crawls. As is the Q’ responsibility, Seabass went back and finished with the six.

Thang 3

Duck, Duck, F3

Circled up for this Seabass and Nugget favorite. Seabass is a Jerk s he started with burpees for the exercise and ran around the circle. But Abacus couldn’t be one upped and called a couple different 1:4 ratio exercise while lunge walking to give the Pax the full effect. Methane had a little trouble keeping his footing in the Slosh Posh this morning, which led to groans. We went 2 times around and it was time for the classic O finish…

Burpee Football

As they divided into 2 teams, YHC saw the talent that the Posh had in house. IUceman showed of his arm, and Bob Ross his leg. Seabass did his best Gronk, but Catfish showed him that he had a lot to learn the next time around.

We finished up the triple digit burpee show and headed to the flags


Data told us a little about himself and the motivation for showing up to get better this morning. He is Audio Visual profession, So we named him for the gadget making goonie. Announcements were made about Tailspin and the Ruck raffle. Intentions were said for all those effected by the shooting, and a motivation to fix the problem. YHC spoke on the frustrations of our 2.0s at times, but celebrating the astonishing way they can show us what they have learned. Watching them fail is hard, buut when they learn and grow, it is incredible. I am very jealous I wasn’t able to participate in this beatdown, but can’t wait to get out there with you HIMs again.giphy (13)

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