3.6.18 Carpenter Backblast – 25 HIM Launched into @F3Louisville History as Part of the 64 that Posted. #getbetter

QIC (YHC):  Captain Insane-o

Pax (25, 4 FNGS):  Kilo, Bailout (FNG), Jordy, Zartan, Face, Nickelback, Chelsea (FNG), Gillespie, Zoolander, Holiday Inn (FNG), Miata, FloJo, Vincent (R), Trump, Scuba Steve, Mittens, Plethora, Shiplap (FNG), Little Jerry (R), Steerage, Red Roof, Dodododododo, Double Down (R), McAfee, CI

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about the launch of the Carpenter?  Mom, you don’t count.  Kilo, really?  Shut-in from F3 Carpex, really?  Well, we launched it today, so you don’t have to hear about the launch any more.  Strap in, though; you’ll hear a lot about the Carpenter in the future because it’s a pretty sweet spot.  It was fun, and I’ll try to put you there with words in a sec, but I have something to say….

I made a few jokes* (*funny not funny) about the post at the first Carpenter workout being a chance to go down in history, or it being historic.  Lame, but that’s the best the F3Louisville intern writing team could come up with.  But I want you to know what was historic….  Today, en geñeral.

We asked for 60 Pax at all three AOs this morning, and we got 64.

According to Tron’s Weasel Shaker 9000 that is the single largest day collective post in F3 Louisville.


Tclaps to the Pax.  This is F3 Louisville.  Strong to quite strong.

Ok, on to the launch of the Carpenter.

For those of you following along, including the watchful eyes at the Smithsonian, we’ve been itching for a Highlands location for F3 Louisville.  Louisville can be best visualized as a set of concentric circles, with I-264 ringing Louisville-proper and I-265 ringing the suburbs of Louisville, with communities sprawling beyond I-265.  Through the middle of the city runs 1-65.  Before this morning, our sites fell east of I-65 in the St. Matthews area (the O and the Mutt) within 1-264 and outside 1-265 farther east (the Parklands).  This has served us well, drawing on dense populations of HIM with access to great parks and locations.

The Highlands is south of these spots and closer to downtown Louisville than any of our other locations.  It’s called the Highlands because it sits on a ridge between two major creeks that run through Louisville.  It’s also a densely populated area with some great parks.  We all know folks that live there.  In fact, I’ve been trying to HL one guy since this summer when I started F3.

He came this morning.  One of 4 FNGs; Bailout.

His first words to me this morning (after admiring my tank top (he was wearing a full winter coat!)) were, “I wouldn’t come, so you brought it to my backyard.  Hard to make an excuse now.”


Conditions:  41*, 89% humidity.  The ground was soft from a few rain showers last night.  Sky was overcast.  Dark as pitch.

Gearlander:  Toight Nike Tank Top (black) — REMEMBER, IT’S ALWAYS TANK TOP TUESDAY AT THE CARPENTER (RED ROOF!) — gray Nike running shorts, red Swiftwick socks, F3 Louisville Hoorag, glow stick bracelet (all Qs will get one at the Carpenter and put it around the shovel flag at the end of the workout), Hexarmor gloves, Newbie Trail 690s.  Pope was not there, so I have no idea what he was wearing.  Zoolander was wearing a mock zip long sleeve garment.  I call these garments pullovers because you pull them over your head, typically over an underlayer, like a t-shirt.  Zoo, not so much.  He sees a pullover as a good baselayer; single unit, skin to skin designed shirt that when fully unzipped from the neck displays his gold medallion and some chest hair.  Pauly Walnuts.

Gearlander cont.:  Red Roof and I brought the Pax a surprise  Fresh coupons.  20 of them, which will be stored in a secret spot at the Carpenter for future use.  Tclaps, Red Roof.  It’s totally normal to drive around with cinder blocks in your truck/SUV.  Right, Mad Cow?

I picked up Face (my standard +1) at 0500 because (a) I wanted to get there early to set up; and (b) I’d been up since 0430 (well, 0230, 0245, 0315, 0400, F it, just get up).  Face regaled me with stories of the GORUCK Lite that he, Kilo, Tool Time, Pew Pew, and Glauc just completed in Columbus.  Oh the FOMO!  Studs.  I can’t wait for a full debrief.

We got to the Carpenter around 0515.  I pulled out the new flag, which is — I must say — bad ass and planted it.

Yep, that’s a magnetic light illuminating the dayglo 80’s theme American Flag, topped with a blue glittered pinked eagle.  Jealous?  I know.

Pretty sure Zartan slept there; he may have been as excited as me.  Then, the cars came in, and kept coming in.  Hell, Pax were parking on the grass.  It was like a Dixie Chicks concert before they insulted W; everyone was there.

We unloaded the fresh coupons into the lot, and did this….

Mosey to the field across Sheridan, each Pax grabbing and yoking a coupon.  We dropped the coupons off at the field and moseyed across Ridgefield to another open area that gave us a glorious look at the park below.  Or it would have had it not been over cast and super dark.


All IC 20 count

Copperhead Squats
Bluff Hikers
Merkins 10 count IC

It was at this point that I remembered my first workout and I recalled thinking, “This is it?  Just some dudes doing calisthenics in a field?”  Wait for it…

Circle Burp – 25 burpees around when each Pax says their Name/F3 Name and age, while running in place/high knees.  That got the juices flowing.

Mosey back to the field and partner up after counting 1-2.  I partnered with my buddy Miata, which was awesome.  Also a guy I’ve been trying to headlock for a while.  Good thing we have Gillespie because he sealed it.

Thang 1:

Louisville Honeypot Merkin relay.  Louisville Honeypots (LHs) are coupon bear crawls.  Merkins are pushups.  P1 LHs forward toward the distant tree line (50 yds or so); P2 10 merkins, then runs to catch P1.  Flapjack, repeato until you hit the treeline, then turn around and go back to the start.

This is where we realized the coupons were super fresh.  So fresh they were sharp.  Zoo cut himself, but rubbed some dirt on it.  Kilo went to my rig to get gloves.  He did, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never see those glove again.

While we waited for him (he was really slow; probably siphoning gas off my rig into his), we did a smattering of exercises IC:  SSHs, merkins.

Thang 2:  Dora 1, 2, 3

100 merkins, 200 coupon squats, 300 LBCs.   Running partner would alternative between sprint/jog; mario/jog, while other partner did work.  Switch, repeato until done.  Not a lot of MC during this event.  We’d already done a few merkins.  But the key here is that it kept the Pax together.  Tclaps to Face and Zartan who finished early and led early finishers in some SSHs, LBCs and other exercises.

Mosey back to the new coupon storage unit, and plank while we wait for everyone to return their units.

At this point I knew Kilo wanted to race, or maybe I wanted to race, so I called an AYG sprint up the hill to the open area by the playground, about 200 yds, where we circled up for some Mary.

Da Vincents 20 IC
Pickle Pounders 15 IC
JLOs 15 IC
Pickle Pounder/JLOs — now known as ARods — 15 IC

Mosey back to the flag… Fin

COR, NOR.  At this point, I tried to explain a few of the core principles of F3 to the FNGs and newer guys.  I assume it came out right, but bottom line, we welcomed them all.  Bailout works for a bank that once needed help (and may still need it).  Holiday Inn is not a doctor but is a HIM; it’s his story but worth hearing.  Chelsea is a fan of Manchester United F.C., so we named him after the rival of Leeds United (hrrrrm?).  Shiplap does home remodels.  Welcome all of you!  You’re gonna love this group.  It’s a sweet one.

In COT we announced the upcoming Black Ops at Veterans Park (Kilo Q) and in Shelby County (Glauc Q).  Face is Qing at Norton Commons on Friday.  Can’t make it?  Whatever, Marilyn.  Lots of action and activity.  Brought it in for BOM, where we heard prayers and intentions for many.   I said some stuff like I normally do, but really meant it again this time.

We’ve got a good thing here.  Let’s keep doing our thang.  See you next Tuesday.  Tank tops welcomed, but not required.

CI out.

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