BackBlast 20 PAX #BagOfWrenches #silentbutdeadly #F3Counts

As YHC rolled up to The O it was noticed that a few PAX were gathered around the incredibly well built shovel flag (designs by Wham!). After a few fist bumps, Mayberry did a quick count…20 HIM! A well balanced potpourri from the 3 AO’s. If you were asleep up until today, we had the inaugural WO post at The Carpenter, 25 PAX and 4 FNG’s…Trump must have shown up for numbers that big. OG Nugget with 19 PAX and 1 FNG. 64 PAX on this glorious Tuesday…that is a record HIM. TClaps to all of the PAX of F3LOUISVILLE. We are a big deal!

QIC: Digiorno
PAX: Wham!, OJ, Pepto, ExLax, Bean Counter, Scratch, Pope, Mayberry, Diablo, Donger, Who Dey!, Dot, Slippers, Tool Time, Bob Ross, Big Bird, Abacus, Glenn Ross, Zima, Digiorno

This is how we got better today…

No FNG’s and Disclaimer was given.

Quick mosey around the track, short side to tennis courts. All PAX gabbed coupons and lined up on the baseline.

A few warmup exercises:

  • 25 SSH IC
  • Downward Dog
  • Runners Stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • Hamstring Stretch to each side grabbing foot (ankle in my case)
  • Tricep Stretch
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC

This is where things got silent. YHC will admit this looked great on paper and like any good Q modifications were made on the fly without anyone noticing, I think.

Thang 1:
Squat w/Triple Crush w/coupon
15 each
Rest…20 Merkins
Repeat 3x, 3rd set we did 10 each

Thang 2:
Saturday Nights w/coupon
Alternate – regular/each leg up
10 each
Rest…20 coupon presses
Repeat 3x

Thang 3:
Lunge Walk w/coupon
End of court, 30 dips
Repeat back to start, 30 dip

Thang 4:
Bruce Lee’s:

  • Flutter Kicks x20
  • Leg Raises x20
  • Dying Cockroaches x20
  • American Hammers x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Freddie Mercury x20

This was repeated 3 times.
Each set was completed with 10 counts of rest at the end of the 6 exercise set. YHC called a few 5 counts during 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Time was called. WOOF! I heard a “Thank the Lord”, maybe that was me talking to myself. Coupons were taken back.

  • COT
  • Announcements
  • F3Dads shirts site is up and you can start placing orders, check Slack
  • HT family lost items during flood, see Slack for items to donate and when/where to bring them
  • Intentions, see Slack channel

Sky Q was thanked for allowing us to receive and give this gift of F3.

I had a great time today even though I could barely talk thru my own workout. I am very appreciative of this time we spend ITG. I hope that you all got a big W today.


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