Incubator BB 03/05.

Late BackBlast.  YHC has not been feeling like his normal spicy self these last few days.

Q: Old Bay

PAX: <12> StarChild, SnowMan, Vincent (R) , GlenRoss, Iceman, Glauc, Brokeback (FNG), Uncle Rico, Gypsy, Mr. Hat, Boozer

I learned so much in a short period of time, I will attempt to capture in bullet point form:

  • There are indeed men’s bathrooms at the Poshlands, but you must complete a background check, a genetic analysis, and a rectal exam to be granted access.
  • If you HL your friend, and you bring him to a WO, you are allowed to submit his F3 name right as the WO begins, and then leave early to avoid any backlash.
  • Blades of grass are individually sewn on the EggLawn.
  • If as Q you are hoping for an even number of PAX, and you get an odd number, just say “SHIT” out loud 3 times.  GlenRoss will appear out of thin air to get you an even number.
  • GORUCK light is anything but light, especially when the other squads can’t pull their weight in the challenges.  Good thing F3 Louisville men are the real deal Holyfield.
  • Mr. Hat is really fast.

COP: SSHs, Moroccan Night Club, One-Calls, Copperhead Squats

BLIMPS is a word with 6 letters.  There are 7 parking lots surrounding the aforementioned EggLawn.  Clearly, 6 exercises would be for the weak, so YHC informed the PAX we would be doing BLIMPS-S.  Pair up annnnnnnd…….

  • Prisoner run (hands on your head) over to 1st lot.
  • 50 partner burpees while alternating running the lot
  • Mario over to 2nd lot.
  • 50 partner Lunges while alternating running the lot
  • Bernie Sanders over to 3rd lot.
  • 50 partner Imperial Walkers while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey over to 4th lot.
  • 50 partner Merkins while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey over to 5th lot.
  • 50 partner Plank Jacks while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey over to 6th lot.
  • 50 partner squats while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey on home to 7th lot for a new Poshy favorite:
  • 10 surfees IC, with a strong hold between each rep.

4 minutes left that will not go to waste.  MARY with ABCs, DaVinci’s, and some other stuff.

That’s it.  COR, NOR, and I said a few words to take us out, hoping we can remember how great we all actually have it in the United States of America.  F3 dads details coming together.  Thanks for having me out Posh, I hope I am invited back.  I’ll just need to plan ahead for that brutal commute.



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