WARNING WARNING WARNING 3/8 Pre-Blast at the O #TempleOfGloom

Many fine Q’s have treated the PAX during workouts to soothing tunes over the last few months.  Tomorrow YHC is bringing the tunes, and they won’t be soothing.


Most people might not know that OJ loves heavy music.  I’ll be bringing some of my favorites, some not so heavy, some REALLY heavy.

Like Heavy Metal?

Actually no, I can’t stand what is actually deemed heavy metal.  I think most heavy metal is garbage.  I like really HEAVY hard rock.

Where did my love of heavy music come from? Well mainly from being a runner.  I’ve always been cranking the heavy tunes to help fuel my runs.  I can’t listen to anything soft and keep motivated to run faster.  Throw me some thunderous riffs and yep, I’m running faster.

So most of you will probably dislike what you hear tomorrow, but that’s what makes the world go around.  People like different music.

I can promise you I don’t listen to any bands (Slipknot, Slayer, etc.) that I think are evil.

However, you can most assuredly expect some harsh and angry lyrics though.

*Also, some of what you may hear will actually be Christian Hard Rock, there are some good bands out there

So keep an open mind and be ready to get in the pit.



Morning temps predicted right around 30 so feel free to participate in TTTT, not sure I will.

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