3/7 Veterans Memorial Park Backblast #BlackOps



Myself along with several others have been searching for the perfect location in Jtown to potentially add a new AO.  We first started with Charlie Vettiner Park aka #TheHue aka #TheLamb.  While the park had plenty to offer form a Fitness stand point, it was DARK, hard to find, and out of the way.  So we scratch that plan.  Now comes Veterans, which is closed.  Not so fast my friend, YHC found a back door.  A perfect parking lot and TONS of space to pour out all types of pain.


Yesterday I channeled my inner Zartan and made my first shovel flag in hope that it would become the official flag for the Jtown AO at veterans park.  This shovel will remain blank, unpainted, no name, and boring until the time comes to make this an official AO.  I want it to be something to strive for, something we as a Jtown PAX can celebrate when it happens.  That’s “when” not “if”.


Between my neighborhood (Saratoga Woods) including current pax PK, Rhythm, Dexter and the new FNGs neighborhood Spaghetti and Meatball (Stone Lakes) along with pulling pax like Diablo from Plainview, as well as Cutless and Vincent from Fern Creek.   Tons of untapped potential at St. Michaels.  I am pumped!!!!


The fact that 17 PAX came out in the gloom to help me test out the park says a lot about this group.  You all never disappoint, like never!




Zartan, Zoo, Geppetto, Backdraft, Gillespie, ToolTime, Diablo, PK, Rhythm, Dexter, Cutless, Vincent, Sunshine, Newman, Meatball (FNG), Spaghetti (FNG)



windy cold 35* with a few flurries.


Zoo Swag

He was wearing his posh vest, you know the one, wind proof, neoprene, bullet proof, water proof, inflatable life vest.  The thing is freaking sweet and he wont reveal where it came from.

I completely failed bringing his beer and gear, sorry buddy, lunch and beer on me.  I dont think i can afford your vest though.


YHC swag

Black addias soccer taper pants (My fav) UA long sleeve with American flag Tee.  All covered up by a North Face peasant vest that Zoo made fun of.  He said “can your vest do this?”  Then proceeded to pull a cord on his vest and the freaking thing grew sleeves.  Unbelievable


Mosey up hill by ball fields to COP by concession stand (Well Lit)


25 SSH

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Abe Vigodas

Kendra Newmans

10 Merkins


Mosey up to LARGE well lit parking lot adjacent to the park at the Jeffersontown community center.


Partner up

P1 Run 100 yards and back

P2 Cumulative 100 merkins 200 Squats 300 LBCs

Flip flop til all PT finished.


Mosey over to check out the back door of the park.  Pax rolls up on a steep hill with a gazebo at the top full of picnic tables.

Crazy Eights!

1 Merkin at bottom/7 dips at top

2 Merkin at bottom/6 dips at top

you get the point, all the way to

7 Merkins at bottom/1 dip at top


Mosey along the nice fresh paved trail to the top of the park near Taylorsville Rd and the staple of the park (Black Hawk Chopper, and Tank)


Mary work all IC

10 full LBC

10 LBC

10 Right leg out LBC

10 Left leg out LBC

10 Big Marge


Mosey back to the flag about 1/4 mile down hill.




Geppetto was finally able to HL his long time buddies and appropriately named them Spaghetti and Meatball.  Welcome guys, you’re both key to making this thing work!

Announcements made by Geppetto about FIA, his M has put in a ton of hard work to get this thing off the ground.  Get your Ms out to support and get fit!

Sanders Elementary announcement (Thank you Zoo for stepping up to the plate this week). If you haven’t yet, read the Glenn Ross backblast.


Steamer having surgery today on his torn Achilles

Sam Strong Kauffman

Zoo has a friend going through an intense battle with cancer.

My mother in Law had a really bad car accident yesterday, thank GOD she is ok.



All Glory to God for waking us up this morning, giving us the gift of F3 to get better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Thanks to the PAX for all the support.





One thought on “3/7 Veterans Memorial Park Backblast #BlackOps

  1. Great location and lots of potential HIMS at St. Michael. Write something up on FB with minmal F3 lingo and I’lll tag the heck out of my buddies out that way.

    Liked by 1 person

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