3/27/18 Bag of Wrenches Backblast #WhamsBirthdayQ


QIC: Wham!

20 PAX: Double Down (Respect); OJ; Storm Trooper; Little Jerry; (Respect); Noxeema Jackson; Slippers; Gillespie; Plethora; Zoolander; Mayberry; Diablo; Zartan; Cutlass; Who Dey; Scratch; Butcher; Steerage; Abacus; Tool Time; Wham!

Time: 0530

Weather: Fantastic (Low 50’s)

Playing Surface: Muddy and Malleable

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Red and white “Straight Outta 1978” Tank Top; Black Champion shorts with light up “40” button as flair; Glittery black “40” Top Hat; Red and Black NBs (was tempted to wear my new Salomon Speedcross 3’s but didn’t want to get them effed up in the mud and have a scene like this take place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc6_XgtOQgI); Black Nike lifting gloves with exposed fingers

I have literally had this Q on the calendar for months ever since I realized that my 40th birthday was going to fall on a Bag of Wrenches Tuesday, so needless to say I was excited as the day approached.  Along with that excitement, however, came over-thinking on my part and so I was very uneasy as late as yesterday evening about the contents of my weinke.  In fact, I even made a last minute adjustment as I lay in bed last night just after 11 pm.

Adding to my excitement/anxiety was a late decision (last Friday) to buy a birthday related tank top on Amazon for my big day.  Only problem was that I couldn’t get a guaranteed delivery until sometime today no matter how many ways I tried to get around it (full disclosure: I was willing to pay an unreasonable amount of money to make this happen but apparently you can’t always buy your way to happiness).  Long story short, the F3 Gods (or is it Royalty?) were on my side and I received notification yesterday afternoon that my TT would be delivered by 8 pm last night.  Modern technology and first world convenience for the win!  Here is the much coveted TT, along with a sparkly “40” top hat that my Mom had me wear at my birthday dinner last week (nice work Mom!):

shirt (2)

As usual, the PAX showed out for the Bag of Wrenches and so I gave a quick disclaimer to the 19 other PAX and we were on our way.

We moseyed the short way around the O loop but instead of heading to the tennis courts per usual, we stopped short (Seinfield style) and circled up in the quasi-open area on the near side of the O loop where we knocked out 40 SSHs IC.  We then split into 2 groups, with one group moseying down the O loop on the Cogan’s Corner side and the other group moseying down the other side until both groups came to a cone on the track that had been strategically placed there by YHC circa 0515 this morning.  Each group did 10 Grass Grabbers IC and then ran across the field until they arrived at 4 additional cones in the middle of the field where both groups faced off/reunited for the remaining portion of COP.  This is also when we started jamming out to the Greatest Hits of 1978 playlist that looked like this:


COP continued with the following:

1. 20 Hill Billies IC
2. Bernie Sanders back to the cone on the track (both groups going back to their respective sides) and then AYG back to the middle cones
3. 10 Moroccan Night Clubs IC
4. 25 Kendra Newmans (15 forward, 10 back) IC
5. Bernie Sanders back to the cone on the track (both groups going back to their respective sides) and then AYG back to the middle cones
6.  Pair up with PAX across from you and do 10 Bropees (can’t imagine how ridiculous I looked jumping up to clap Zartan’s hands as he stood flat footed)

Thang 1: 4:1 Field Crawls
At this point, the PAX were still split into 2 groups facing each other in the middle of the O field, so we stayed in the same groups for Thang 1.  Each group made their way from the middle of the field back to the track behind them by doing 4 lunge walks followed by a squat until they reached the track.  One there, they headed back to the middle of the field by doing 4 bear crawls followed by a burpee until reaching the center cones.  I originally intended to do this routine twice, but it was tougher than I expected and so we moved to Thang 2.

Thang 2: Lindsay’s AKA Forties
Continuing with the theme of working from the middle of the field back to the track, the PAX did the  following routine:

1. Run from middle of the field back to the track and do 10 gas pumps
2. Run back to the middle cones and do 30 merkins
3. Run from middle of the field back to the track and do 15 gas pumps
4. Run back to the middle cones and do 25 merkins
5. Run from middle of the field back to the track and do 20 gas pumps
6. Run back to the middle cones and do 20 merkins
7. Run from middle of the field back to the track and do 25 gas pumps
8. Run back to the middle cones and do 15 merkins
9. Run from middle of the field back to the track and do 30 gas pumps
10. Run back to the middle cones and do 10 merkins

This routine is similar to the “Elevens” routine that many of us have enjoyed over the last several months with the difference being that the total reps for each set would equal 40 (starting at 10 and 30) and decreasing the merkins by 5 and increasing the gas pumps by 5 each set.

Thang 3: Coupon Circle
Each PAX grabbed a coupon and we circled up for AMWRAP coupon work in 40 second intervals (with 15 seconds of rest in between).  In 8ish minutes, here are the exercises we did:

1. Coupon Curls
2. Overhead Coupon Presses
3. Dips
4. Big Boy Situps
5. Coupon Squats
6. Two Handed Coupon Rows
7.  Alternating Coupon Merkins
8. Flutter Kicks (while holding coupon over your head)

Thang 4: Plank/Merkin Burn
As I was planning my Q, I decided that in order to commemorate by 40th birthday, I wanted to find a song that repeated the word “Forty” several times so that we could do a hold the plank and then merkin Thang for the duration of the song.  Apparently, there are not many songs that repeat “Forty” more than a few times, but I finally came across a gem called “Bless Da 40 oz.” by Bone Enterprise.  This song is approximately 4 minutes long and says the word “Forty” 29 times.  Perfect!  Everyone seemed to enjoy this finale to my Birthday Q.  For those interested, here is a link to the song (be sure to thank me next time you see me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrarrbhrKxU

Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, and then circled up for intentions and quick closing thoughts/prayer to the Sky Q.  Diablo told a sad but important story of someone who recently took his own life and challenged the PAX to be more attentive to others and what they may be going through in their lives.  Hopefully we can all keep this in mind as we encounter others in our daily lives.  By the same token, if we are going through a difficult time or being weighed down by something in our own lives, don’t be afraid to reach out to your F3 brothers.  We will be there for you.

In closing, when I turned 39 last year, F3 Louisville did not even exist and it would still be another month or two before CI started harassing me through all forms of social media and comz to come out and join him and others for morning workouts at ungodly hours.  Looking back, I am so happy I finally gave in to the peer pressure of CI and others and posted at the Bag of Wrenches for the first time on June 27, 2017.  Since then, I have posted in some form or fashion 133 times and Q’ed 13 workouts.  Those numbers speak for themselves as to the type of impact F3 has had on my life.  Hopefully we can continue to share this thing we’ve stumbled upon and change the lives of countless others going forward.

Bring on my 40’s!


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