3/27 Rooster BackBlast

Conditions:  see BackBlast for pre-rooster ruck

Gear: American flag swim trunks (from WalMart), and my new sleevelesss Always Be Closing T.  Challenge was thrown out for which AO would have the most Tanks

Pax: 21

Flying Pig, WhamO, Mouth, Geppetto (tank), Waterboy, BumbleBee (Respect), SumpPump, Deuce (tank), Airplane, Old Bay, Fridge, Curly, Zima, Escort, Spinal Tap, Spreadsheet, Snowman, Left Eye, Digiorno (tank), Bean Counter, Glen Ross Q (tank)

I’ve been the Q at the Mutt half dozen times, but never the Q at the Rooster.  Usually I like getting there 15 minutes early to prepare and I love to see the cars pull into the gloom when Qing.  Pre Rooster ruck had me around the neighborhood working our way back to the Mutt at 5:30 but I really enjoyed this as relaxing way to prepare.  Unfortunately, I woke up the M at 4:15 looking for my good luck Q t-shirt and paid for this when I returned.  Rookie move, should have had my sh@t ready the night before.

Disclaimer was given, and we moseyed to warm up.  15 SSH (IC), 15 IWalksers (IC) Arm circles-small, big, forward, and reverse and ended with some leg stretching.  Next count off into 1’s and 2’s

Of course planning for even number- partners, we had odd number.  Always happens.  Worked out great tho as me, Spreadsheet (my bike riding partner) and Airplane got to partner up.  Also encouraged the group to find someone you don’t know as well.  Looking around it looked like a lot of guys did this.

Thang 1:

partner up for quick CI shuffle around the school stoping 4 times for 10 BOYOs.  If you don’t know what a CI shuffle is- go back and read his BackBlast from last October (it was on Saturday).  This was not the best idea as the coupons tore my arms up- thanks to the tank.


With partner, line up.  One partner runs to the end of parking lot, does 10 Lunges and then runs back while other partner does curls.  Stopped at 200.  Then did it again this time doing 10 squats, while doing 200 presses.  RepeatO but scaled it down to 150 for Curls and Presses.  Before putting the coupons back for Mary we did a quick whell B race.  Old Bay was flying- watch for him at the convergence to be one of the favorites to win.  Put coupons up and circle back up for 10 minutes of Mary

20 LBCs (IC), 20 American Hammers (iC), 20 gas pumps (IC), 20 Rosalitas (IC)

Repeated 3 times but did lower the 2nd set to 15 IC for all.  Ended at 6:15


No FNGs but did welcome back some who have not been out in awhile.  Also glad to pull Bean Counter over from the O.  Is Spinal Tap an O guy or Mutter?

Announcements- see Slack.

Intentions: for those traveling, those sick or battling illness, Fridge with his RCIA journey this week and all those silent intentions.

Prayer: closed with a prayer of thanks and asking sky Q for strength, courage and wisdom.  I had a blast leading these 20 HIMs today.







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