#thefog Veterans Park 4/14/18 Backblast

I was up late Friday night polishing up my WO for #thefog. After all, this was for my VQ. You only get one and I had to make this  memorable. I had printed an aerial view map of Veterans Park and marked it up with routes and stations for various exercises with a permanent marker. In the excitement, I forgot the place a barrier between the map and the surface beneath it. The permanent marker bled through the map onto our new kitchen table. The M was not happy. Such is life.


Arrived to Veterans Park @ 6 AM on 4/14/18 for prep. Had to place low profile, fluorescent cones (labeled with station numbers and exercises) at station locations along the circuit. Also, strategically placed map at Station 1. I had plenty of time to run up to Neighborhood Walmart for a pre-WO “transaction”. Got back to Vets, planted flag.


Weather – Cloudy, high 60s, humid

PAX (12) – Boozer, Battier, Methane, Star Child, Abacus, Double Down (respect), Little Jerry (respect), Aerobie (respect), Ripcord (FNG), PK, Huggies, Ratchet (VQ)

Started out with 3 laps around the parking lot.

Circled up. Received some help from Abacus, Little Jerry and Star Child on procedures (i.e. – disclaimer).

Side Straddle Hops (x30)

Dying Cockroach (x20)

Dollys (x20)

Gas Pumps (x10)

Abe Vigodas (x20)

Finkle Swings (30 secs each leg)

Moseyed over to Station 1 of Circuit for quick briefing. Circuit consisted of 0.66 miles around Veterans Park with 6 Stations. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to do one lap, and in trying to keep with the theme of “6” (this was my 6th post), the goal was to do 6 laps.

Station 1 – Dips (x20)

Station 2 – Bearcrawl (uphill, 110 feet)

Station 3 – Merkins (x15)

Station 4 – LBCs (x20)

Station 5 – Burpees (x20)

Station 6 – Al Gore (x60 secs)

Turns out, no one got 6 laps. However, Little Jerry (not surprisingly) cranked out 5 laps…and Battier wasn’t far behind him.

Moseyed over to flags.


Meet-N-Greet w/ FNG (Ryan Roberts)…Welcome aboard Ripcord! Shoutout to Star Child for recruiting the FNG.

Got to hear Double Down’s story. Pretty funny. Dude is a FBA.

Announcements: Convergence @ The O on 4/21/18. Get with Star Child if you want crash his Thunder party, River Park Marina. He’s going to have beer.


Aerobie took the lead. Prayers for Mike’s family and prayers for Rodney. Special intentions.

Things I learned today:

Little Jerry is a cyborg.

If I had to count in cadence to save my life, I’d surely be a dead man.

I love my F3 brothers.




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