BackBlast #theO #Ruiner – 4/14/18

Going to be a short backblast – if you wanted to know about it you should’ve shown up 🙂  With the convergence coming up, Red Roof and I wanted to work in some of the old workouts along with every hill we possibly could. That was the goal and it was successful, even with the ominous rain clouds lurking in the foreground.

Pax: Red Roof (Q), Mayberry (Q), Wham!, Scratch, Gillispie

Weather : 60’s and perfect.

COP: SSH (20), Grass Grabbers (20), Imp. Walk. (20), Merkins (10 – IC)

Thang 1

Moseyed over to Cogan’s Corner (half-pipe) for some 7’s x 2 (just like 7’s but multiply reps by 2):  groiners and jump squats with 2 merkins at the bottom of the half-pipe.  I had to explain the math to Scratch, but once he got it we were good.

Thang 2

Moseyed over to Seneca Gardens Dr Hill, and divided into two groups, one performed an exercise at the bottom of the hill while the others ran to the top completed exercise #2 and returned to relieved Group 1 – rinse and repeat.

Round 1: Group 1 – LBCs, Group 2 – 20 American Hammers

Round 2: Group 2 – Freddie Mercuries, Group 2 – 20 Heals to the Heaven

Thang 3

Moseyed over to the Dirt Half Pipe for Red Roof’s beatdown.

7’s with Merkins and LBC at the top and 5 Bobby Hurley’s at the bottom.  It was good to be back at this half-pipe, it’s been a long winter without it.

Thang 4

Moseyed over to the Field Hockey Field for some baseball coupon work.  Grab a coupon and keep it with you.  1st base LBC, 2nd base coupon squat, 3rd base thrusters, home merkins.  Two rounds.

COT and Prayers to the Sky Q.

~MayBerry and RedRoof Out

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