Carpenter Backblast – Long overdue

11 strong showed up to welcome me to the Q world on 5/8/18 at Carpenter (@Shiplap, @Grinder, @Captain Insane-O, @Red Roof, @Trump, @Situation, @ Pew Pew, @Flounder, @Nickleback, @Scuba Steve, @Flo Jo.  Rough night of sleep, anxious to know that I had planned enough hard work to be worthy of a good Q.  Heavy rains from the weekend before kept the grass from getting cut, and tennis or some other group kept us from using the parking lot.  So, straight to the knee high, wet grass field for a different kind of warm up:

Started with Kinder Newman’s to get going, then circuit of SSH’s, BOYO’s, Imperial Walkers and Copperhead Squats, 4 rounds to get the body loose.  Mosey over to the park entrance, then sharp right turn to the neighborhood hill for a beast of a workout.


15 minute circuit, 85 yard hill (roughly 35 on craw bears)


Lunge walk up, jog down

Bear crawl up, jog down

Bernie Sanders up, jog down

Crawl bear up, jog down (yes, that’s right…CRAWL BEAR)

Rinse and repeat until timer is over

Mosey back to parking lot for circle of Mary.  First call, Merkins (Really? For Mary? C’mon Man?).  15 count on each, 11 exercises total.

Inglorious beat down!  Loved my first Q!

Flo Jo

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