Backblast 5/22/2018 Bayside

Pax (5): Banana Bread, Thumbtack, Brown, Glauc, Shuttlecock (Q)  (Shoutout to Brown who made his first trip out to Bayside)

Having just got back from vacation and gaining 5 pounds 😒, I was ready to get back in the swing of things.

To start with, we mosy from the flag around to the courtyard at Bayside for Circle of Pain.

20 Grass grabbers (IC)
30 Imperial walkers (IC)
20 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)
20 Merkins (IC)

After COP, we mosy around to the back of Bayside where we have our concrete football field. (about a quarter mile mosy)

Thang 1: 123 Dora (P1 runs 80 yards out, 80 yards back while P2 does exercise)

50 Burpees
100 Bobby Hurleys
150 LBCs

Thang 2: 123 Dora (P1 runs 50 yards out, 50 yards back while P2 does exercise)

50 Tri-cep presses with coupons
100 Military presses with coupons
150 Curls with coupons


20 Gas pumps (IC)
20 Freddy Mercurys (IC)
20 American Hammers (IC)

Reserve capacity -This is a phrase that Banana Bread coined, it basically means lets see if we can make ourselves puke.  So Glauc has a song, Soul on Fire, that we do side shuttle hops to, and when the phrase “Soul on Fire” is sang, you do a Burpee.  I decided to take the concept up a notch and use the song Lay Me Down by Chris Tomlin.  It is about 2 minutes longer, with a few more burpees.   So, 5 minutes straight of side shuttle hops (30 second rest during the bridge) while doing a burpee everytime the phrase “Lay Me Down” is sang.  If I counted right, it is 21 burpees.  Well, thankfully, our reserve capacity hung in there and no one puked.

We mosy back to the front of Bayside to the flag and closed with count-o-rama, name-o-rama, prayers and intentions.

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