5-23-18 – The Bridge BackBlast

Huggies bday beatdown.

Conditions – Clear 67 degrees, 94% humidity

PAX (22):  Nino, Gypsy, Forced Closed, Nice n Slow, Catfish, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Swifty, Uncle Rico, McAfee, Ashley, Methane, Retainer, Jitterbug, Storm Trooper, Dynomite, Tool Time, Bob Ross, Scratch and Dent, Red Card, Mr Hat, Huggies (Q).

Disclaimer followed by quick mosey


38 SSH – IC

38 Abe Vigodas – IC

38 Grass Grabbers – IC

Arm Circles

Hamstring Stretches

38 BOYOs

Mosey to coupons and then to parkling lot


QB Challenge

40 yard football field with cones 10 yards apart.

Divided into two groups.  Two footballs and two different fields.

Wide receivers ran three routs for each round.  1) Drag 2)Post 3) Fly

If incomplete pass then QB does a suicide up and down the field

If pass completed, receiver sprints for a touchdown and mosey back to the the next QB.  QB goes to the back of the line.

Wide receivers waiting in line alternate coupon work with burpees/forward lunges.  Coupon work involved alternating full curls, overhead presses and squats.

We completed 4 rounds.

Put away the coupons and mosey back to the flag.


Pickle pounders


Windshield wipers

Freddy Mercury

American hammers



Hold plank

Sang happy birthday to Huggies


Count O Rama

Name O Rama

Sixth Man – Little Jerry (Named after the rooster on Seinfeld)

Announcements – LJ Q for Saturday HCs?, New order going up for T-Shirts

Intentions – Pope, Weedwack and family, Abacus and M (Sorry if I failed to mention any others)

Thank you for the privilege to lead such a strong group of men.  It was an honor.  I appreciated the birthday love!!!!




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