5/23 Blender BackBlast


If you read the pre-blast, you would have known that today’s workout was in honor of the greatest school day of the year- Field Day.   Also, I will be out all next week and will miss the kickoff to church picnics so I also wanted to work in some church picnic fun.

Conditions:  perfect, 70 and clear.  Much less humidity than yesterday.

Gear:  Well, I forgot to put on my normal Q gear- you know, Walmart American Flag swim trunks and sleeveless ABC shirt.  I was too busy loading up the Tahoe last night (felt kind of like CI, but he was loading a bunch of heavy things and I was loading games and cooler full of popsicles).  But I had a beer too- so it was kind of the same.   So just a pair of grey UA shorts, beach T and UA shoes

5:30- Disclaimer was given and off to field for quick warm up.  Circle up for 11 SSH (IC) 11 Grass Dumpers (IC).  Next count off into 4’s.  With the 1’s and 3’s forming one line and the 2’s and 4’s in the other- both side by side for a 40 yard inch warm race. This was fun, kind of hard and dangerous too, as the six crawls up the middle- directly under the Pax.  This is probably when and where most of the Pax picked up wicked arm and leg rash.  Good luck to our kids later today!

After completing the race we ended up at a table that I had set up that had the newly named wheel of pain.  In honor of church picnics kicking off next week, I snagged this from one of the branches and had my 2.0 Flipper put in some F3 exercises.  While in a circle, each Pax would walk up, say their F3 name, when they started working out and who headlocked them.  Then spin the wheel.


See pic above.  It was fun, not too hard but was nice to hear everyone tell who HL them and then I encouraged them all to keep HL others- especially with the June challenge coming up.

Next we did 4 corners.  This was the same workout that I did on my first Q.  I’ve not used it since last October and thought I would bring it back out.  Some slight modifications but basically the same.

Coupon Corner: 15 American Coupon Hammers/ 25 coupon squats/ 40 coupon curls/ 40 coupon presses on your back.

Corner 2: 20 Rosalita’s/ 30 Gas Pumps/ 40 Saturday Nights/ 40 LBCs

Merkin Corner: 10 Finger tip merkins/ 15 Carolina dry docks/ 20 T Merkins/ 20 Merkins

Corner 3: 20 Imperial Walkers/ 25 Suzanne Sommers/ 30 mountain climbers/ 40 plank jacks

Each group started at one station, did the first step, then bear crawl to the next station.  Complete one cycle, then do the next but lunge.   Complete the next then bear crawl and finish with the 4th set with lunges.  Pretty basic but all done out in the field.  Also, Saturday nights zoo style, which requires you to get as close to the person next to you and look them in the eye.  Wrapped it up and did COT in the field by the table I set up for post field day treats.  That’s right, you can’t have field day without popsicles.  So we all had popsicles and scratched our arms.

Announcemnets:  keep headlocking!  We have AOs and Blacks Ops all over the city- keep HLing!  Also, work your friends in Lexington- Geppetto has the Q there this weekend (and he’s going to crush it- he’s been staying after workouts for EC pull ups for the past 3 weeks- so he’s in beast mode, get ready Lex).

Intentions:  update on Pope, prayers for Pope, his M, kids and entire family.  We love you Pope.  Also, prayers for Abacus, his M, kids and family.  We love you Abacus.  Moment of silence for intentions we hold in our hearts.  Closed with prayer of thanks for Gods many blessings, praying for all those that are sick or battling illness.  Go out and crush the day.  As always, it’s an honor to Q such a great group of HIM


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