Bayside BackBlast 5/29/18

4 HIMs braved the threat of rain at Bayside this morning. About 5 minutes in, the rain parted and we had perfect weather for the beatdown.

In attendance: T18(Q), Shuttlecock (R), Spam , and Banana Bread

-Long Mosey in the rain to the covered porch

-COP: 30 SSH (IC), 25 Grass grabbers (IC), Imperial Walkers (IC), 10 Burpees (OYO)

-Station rotation:

Arm walks on to coupons, Coupon lunges, Merkins to wide arm incline Merkins to Dips (alternating each round), Coupon dips to over head presses (increasing each round 20-40-60; pace setter for each stations)

Partner alternating

-20 Pulse squats and LBCs (x2)

-20 Coupon curls and Freddie Mercury’s (x2)

Mosey to Flag, Announcement and Intentions


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