6-5 Back Blast the Carpenter

**trying this again…stupid GIF. Maybe it just won’t work. 😕

What’s that you say?  You need a Q at the Carp?  Sure thing, I love that AO.  Now I’d posted a handful of times there but I still don’t think I can grasp all it can provide seeing as most of my posts have been in the pitch black of the gloom.  Well, I looked at the map and decided to keep it simple.

Q – OJ

PAX: Nugget, Deuce, Captain Insaneo, Trump, Face, Flo Jo, Nickelback, Scuba Steve, Vincent (R), Tricycle (FNG)

A quick mosey around the corner to the paved area for COP

20 Abe Vigotas IC

20 Hillbillies IC

20 Copperhead Squats IC

50 SSHs IC

Told the men that YHC made the mistake of signing up for the push up challenge so there’d be plenty to go around today.  Only problem was, that my upper body is nearly shot after 1400 merkins in 4 days.

15 Merkins IC

20 Groiners IC

Thang 1 – Native American run starting on the path heading down Trevillian Way with a right on Tycoon Way an another right on Ridgefield road for one of the steepest inclines any AO has to offer.  PAX in rear would drop for 10 merkins and sprint to the front.  At some point, I mentioned to CI that I thought we’d have 75 post today, he said nah, we’ll probably do 55 or so.  (We had exactly 75 post).  We dropped for an extra 10 merkins while we waited on the six.  Total distance about .9 miles.

Thang 2 – Partner up

Wait what’s that, we have 11?  Of course we do.  The last 57 times I’ve tried to do partner work, we’ve had an odd number.  I digress

I arrived a few minutes early and placed out 4 cones each about 15 yards apart in the field.

1. Partners would wheelbarrow to the end of cone 2, switch up and the other would wheelbarrow to cone 4. YHC bear crawled strait to cone 4.

2. Partners would Yoda carry each other to cone 2, switch up and carry the other to cone 4.

YHC again bear crawled all the way to cone 4.  😬

3. Individually we bear crawled to cone 1, crab walked to cone 2, lunge walked to cone 3, and broad jumped to cone 4

Thang 3 – coupons

One coupon per partners

P1 – Holds Plank for 2 min (I decided to knock out a few more merkins here)

P2 – Coupon Curls AMRAP – switch up

P1 – Squats for 2 min

P2 – Would do Coupon Thrusters as long as he could, then switch to Coupon Rows – switch up

Mary time

**Just about the time we circled up a car pulled in the lot.  Out came a middle aged female who made a bee line to the playground.   She proceeded to get on the swings and let me tell you she went 100 on these swings.  I mean, a full swing back and forward, repeat-o.  Umm ok, perfectly normal for an adult female to go to the playground at 6:05 and hit the swings hard.  All the meanwhile, the screeching sound from the swing would play into our heads.  CI said she forgot her WD-40.

20 Box Cutters IC

20 Rosalitas IC

20 Freddie Mercuries IC

**man, that lady is still going hard on those swings**

20 Davinci’s IC

20 American Hammers IC

**she ain’t stopping anytime soon, still giving that swing the business**

20 Gas Pumps IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC

**Lady must be an elite Olympic level swinger or something.   Look at that endurance**


Announcements – Nickelback is our new Carp site Q.  Nice!

F3 AO Olympics have been postponed

Prayers for Trumps family as he lost his grandmother

Prayers continue for Weedwacker’s son, Abacus’s wife, and Pope’s recovery

I thanked the Lord for the absolutely gorgeous morning and the group of HIMs that came out to support me.  I love this group.

**Swinger Lady is the terminator of adult females that like to swing, she’s still going all out**

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