Back Blast 6/5/18 for the County #theLoco

First, I want to thank Abacus and Airplane and everyone that contributed to getting the County to be an official site.

VQ- Meter Maid

PAX (15)- Momma’s Boy (FNG), Double Down (respect), Irsey (FNG), Airplane, Big Bird, Retainer, PK, Mr. Hat, Peggy, Boozer, Huggies, Storm Trooper, Abacus, Little Jerry (respect), Cochran

Today’s theme was Blackjack Beatdown. I started with the usual that “I am not a professional, you are hear on your own free will and modify as necessary.” As a VQ, It was clear to see on my early cadence that clearly I was not a professional, lol. I had plenty of merkins to help those on the 10k in one month challenge.


Abe Vidoda – 21 IC

SSH – 21 IC

Grass Grabbers – 21 IC

Forward Arm Circles

Backward Arm Circles

Mosey to Collect Coupons – Burpee Run so stopped twice for 10 Burpees each.

Mosey to football field

Thang 1 – Blackjack

Run 1 – 1 Merkin and 20 LBC

Run 2- 2 Merkins and 19 LBC

Goes as a ladder until you hit 20 Merkin and 1 LBC

Thang 2 – Coupon Work

Coupon Curls – 21 OYO

Shoulder Press – 21 OYO

Diamond Merkins – 21 OYO

Alternating Shoulder Taps – 21 for each side OYO

Mosey to return coupons

Circled for Mary

1 more Burpee to get to 21 total

Cobra for 21 seconds

Elbow Plank for 1 minute and 21 seconds

Announcements: Abacus talked about The County becoming an official site. Mr Hat will be Q at Parklands on Friday. Make sure to fill out the emergency contact forms on Slack.

Intentions: Thoughts and prayed for Pope, Abacus and family and Skid

I was humbled to be the Q today. Thanks for being patient. I promise to work on my cadence. I asked everyone to do a good deed and to be the reason someone smiles today.

-Meter Maid

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