Backblast 6/7/18 Mary T Black Ops


Thanks to everyone that came out to break my Q cherry!  Yeah that happened.  Weather a wonderful 63 degrees, humidity a little high.  Duplo VQ.  PAX: Curly, Spinal Tap, Buschhhh, Zima, and Digiorno.

First question, what kind of Q doesn’t know where the group meets up??  Answer, me of course.  Buschhhh and I were standing around waiting to see if anyone else was gonna show up and realized it was already 5:30.  Rounded the corner and here comes the rest of the group running from the actual meet up location.

So after that fiasco (did I mention this was my first time?  More on that later) we circled up and I gave the disclaimer that I only do this for fun and normally only get to perform this type of abuse on my own body.  Started by running to get warmed up, down the sidewalk and back to the base of the hill beside the parking lot.  I brought two KB’s with me for the festivities.  Each PAX had to call out an exercise that the rest of the group did while he ran up the hill carrying the KB’s, completed 5 boyos at the top, and then ran back down.  We did this for two rounds (2nd round was 2 boyos at the top).  Next we started on the sprint part of the session.  Group was split into two teams.  Team one sprinted roughly 60 yards, did 10 merkins, and then team 2 did the same thing.  4 rounds with different exercises in between.  Next up was stair work at the entrance to the reservoir.  Ran down the steps, sprinted the landing, and down the rest of the steps.  Then back to the top.  Total of 3 rounds.  Indian run back over to the tennis courts for some core work to finish out.  This is where Spinal Tap decided to bring out the crunch hammers, and they are just what you would imagine, crunch up and hold while you hammer to each side.  Brutal but I’m stealing them for future use!

Finished up with a light jog to the shovelflag for COT: prayers for Buschhh’s family during this trying time, as well as prayers for every man with something in his life that is unspoken.  No announcements.

I’m sure you could tell that it was my first time Q’ing, because I wasn’t prepared enough and made a couple mistakes, but I hope everyone got a good beatdown. It was a pleasure leading you guys this morning and looking forward to getting better!

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