Backblast – 6/9 Black Ops at the Mutt

I woke up this morning feeling every minute of 41 years old, aching all over and completely ready to fartsack.  But I remembered that I had called this Black Ops.  I was the Q and on top of that, a PAX I had never met, Duplo, had already contacted me the night before about working something of his into the routine.  So now I had a co-Q counting on me as well.  Knowing there was no way around it, and that I’d likely feel better after getting limber and working out, I dragged my ass out of bed and headed out into the gloom.

Upon arrival at the Mutt, I met Duplo and Nighty Night for the first time and also got reacquainted with Piggy, who I had posted with before.  At this point, I still felt like I had lead in my legs, but when I realized it was just the four of us, and all these guys had several years on me, and I had about a hundred pounds on all of them, I knew I’d have to dig deep and tap into my inner crazy for this workout or it was going to disappoint the PAX: Duplo(Q), Piggy, Nighty Night, & Grinder(Q).

First Thang  – mosey to the side of the church for a warmup…admittedly slower and longer than normal (that’s saying something!): Downward Dog, Runner’s Stretch, 20 SSH (IC), 20 IW (IC), 20 GG (IC), Michael Phelps and DiGiornos.

Second Thang – modified mosey around the school incorporating a Leapfrog Burpee Inchworm, Prisoner Run, Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, more Prisoner Runs, SSHs, and then more Prisoner Runs.

Third Thang – all PAX grabbed two coupons and we headed up to the small lot for a little Starfish.  In the center, we did 10 LBFlutterKicks.  Station one was 10 Plank Jacks, then back to center for 10 more LBFKs. Station two was 10 Coupon Swings, then back to center for 10 more LBFKs. Station three was 10 Gas Pumps, repeat to center.  Then we finished up with 10 Coupon Curls and back to center.  We repeated this circuit twice, then I handed the reigns over to Duplo.

This is the point where shit got real, because I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to post with Duplo, Piggy, or Nighty Night, but these dudes don’t play.  Duplo had a Deck of Cards routine set up for us the comprised Burpees, Squats, Merkins, and Mountain Climbers.  Lastly, whenever an Ace was drawn, we did a run the full length of the school, to the stop sign and back.  Duplo could get a job at Horseshoe with how fast he was turning those cards…it was like rapid fire.  And, we were lucky enough in the time we had to get all four Aces drawn, so we got all the runs too.  The third run out, I truly thought it was going to be my first time spilling merlot at F3, but I held off the urge.  God bless his soul, when Duplo saw me get back from that one, he asked me to give a 10 count before turning the next card…7 Burpees I believe it was. Ha!

We finished strong, put back our coupons and circled up for intentions.  I thanked the guys for being there and I hope they could hear the sincerity and depth of my appreciation.  I got to hang with three great HIMs this morning.  They pushed me to my absolute limit and made me a better man.  I truly learned a lot.  Until next time, Grinder out!


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