Fight Gone Bad #Ruiner

Q: Nugget

Pax: Seabass, Scuba Steve, Sully, Vincent, Yogi, Chestnutt (FNG), Cardinal, Trump, Pope, Deuce, Glen Ross, Nugget

As Seabass and I rolled up on the O, we saw the field covered in tents. Audibles would need to be called for today. The Pax slowly arrived, and I was anxious to see Yogi, a guy I hadn’t seen in years and he gave the HC last night. (Still waiting for Piggy, but I will move on). The next surprise came in Cardinal’s car. No it wasn’t the coupons, or the water (thanks it was needed). Pope hopped out of the passenger seat. That was all the motivation I needed to get these HIMs a proper beatdown. (Especially, Deuce. I owed him one from the snotwoggler he put on us at his VQ. Woof!)


We short moseyed to the tennis courts for COP

Abe Vigodas IC

Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newmans


Copperhead squats

Another surprise came from my 10 month HL jogging up during COP. I repeated the disclaimer for him and we continued on.

Thang 1

We headed to Cogan’s Corner for the opening act. Pax was divided into 3 groups. Group one at the bottom of the hill performing and exercise, Group 3 at the top performing and exercise and Group 2 running and relieving the group and rotate. The exercises were to be done AMRAP until relieved

Bottom Bobby Hurley’s and LBCs

Top Merkins and Da Vinci’s

This was to get us ready for the main event. The Pax was warm and after a 10 count, we moseyed back to the flag for the Main Event.

Thang 2 Fight Gone Bad

YHC has some crossfit in my past. While expensive, the programming is pretty solid and will wipe you out. Pne particular WO that I loved was called Fight Gone Bad. It is a series of 5 movements done for 1 minute each with 1 minute of rest after each round for 3 rounds. This is an AYG for each one, each round. The exercises are

Push Press



Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Box jumps

Nirvana was the music of choice to keep the energy up. The waters definitely came in handy during these breaks. Not much mumblechatter from the Pax, so YHC knew it was working. At one point, I’m pretty sure it was raining just on me because I was soaked.

I had 2 goals today, to give us a good 45 minute beatdown, followed by some football fun. But the O had a different plan, OMAHA…and we will Do Ah Diddy run to the outfield of the softball field.

Not sure who won, but the burpees were shared by all. Next time I am going to bring some Stickum for Scuba so the hands can match the wheels. (JK)


Mosey back to the flag for COT


Chestnutt was named and I’ll allow you to ask him why. I promise it’s appropriate. Announcements made and then one bug announcement, Vincent is Engaged!!! Congrats!

We gave intentions for Abacus’ wife and Pope’s recovery. YHC spoke of the group keeping him coming back and to focus on the thanks given for the opportunity for these HIMs.

So the weather held out which is about 4 Qs in a row for me. Maybe the curse is broken.





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