BackBlast – The Carpenter 6.12.18

Over the weekend I received a notification from Twitter that I had been mentioned in a tweet. I had just come from a Sports Awards night just a few days ago and thought maybe Teddy Bridgewater had tweeted at me after we met, alas it was not him. In fact, I have no idea who it was because the tweet came from the Carpenter twitter account. Here is what is said…


After reading this tweet, I figured my reputation had preceded me, and with that, I knew I needed to prepare something that would challenge the PAX.

So I spent some time thinking through some new ideas, and I ultimately landed on something that I thought would be a good You vs. You workout. Something that would allow each of the PAX to push themselves and challenge one another. I created a “Midline” Ladder workout. I was ready to go on Tuesday morning and showed up early to find a couple of cars already there. I didn’t check Slack on Monday afternoon so I missed Flo-Jo’s EC run comment otherwise I would have joined them. Since I got there early, I decided to get some merkins in for the challenge (I am currently sitting at 4,580 for the month). Once others started rolling in I was pumped.

At 5:30, we had a few more rolling in so we waited for them to catch up. Meanwhile, Red Roof and Flounder are telling me they need to leave at 6 AM, so I was like we need to get going so they can get some work in.

Conditions were suitable for our workout. The ground was a bit wet from the rain the day before and the air was a crisp 66 degrees. I like how other guys like to talk about their gear that they wear, however, I never remember what it is. Two things I know I have at every workout are my Nike Metcon 3’s (or as some of the Posh guys like to call them, my tap shoes) and my Nike Dry-Fit Gold Hat. Other than that, its shirt, shorts, and socks.

PAX – Nickelback, Vincent (R), Cutlass, Shiplap, Trump, Situation, Flo-Jo, Tricycle, Scuba Steve, Flounder, Red Roof, McAfee (Q)


20 Abe Vigodas IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC


20 Copperhead Squats IC


I was ready to get through COP so we could get to the THANG. One, because I was ready to unleash it, and two, because I didn’t want Red Roof and Flounder to miss out on the all the fun.

So here is how it went, 5 rounds, start with one exercise and add a new one each round, and add more reps to each exercise. Begin and end the workout with a 400-meter run. Oh, and there is 30-minute time cap to finish it all.

5 Rounds:

10 Burpees

10 Burpees, 25 Merkins

10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges

10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 Big Boy Sit-ups

10 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 50 Lunges, 100 Big Boy Sit-ups, 150 Squats

Although this looks simple, some of the simplest workouts I have done have been the most difficult. This one did not disappoint. The back half of this workout is a beast for your abs and legs. And I felt it today.

After the Thang, we had a little time for some Mary. I had not done Jack Webbs in a while so we sprinted through it to finish just in the nick of time.

This workout was fun because you got to challenge yourself and be pushed by others. Big shout out to all the guys who came out to try it with me, and props to Vincent for pushing me throughout the entire thing, even if he didn’t know it.

Until next time.

McAfee out.



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