6/ 21 “The County” PreBlast Glen Ross Q


Mutters often hear the question “do you guys ever drive outside the Watterson”?

Absolutely we do, well hold on….depends

So last Tuesday, the St Al crew had the most Pax post on a Tuesday- and then followed it up with 5 strong rolling out to the Mutt for the Blender.  So I’m in- and my man Airplane and the St Als crew are killing it and I can’t wait to get out there on Thursday for the Loco.  Does Loco know that he has a site Q named after him?

So here’s what we are doing.  Last week, I went Run Heavy at the O.  It was run- mostly because went off site for a field trip.  So after spending Father’s Day at the pool with my wife, kids, mom and entire family and hearing mostly everyone comment about my skinny arms- “don’t you work out 5 days a week”? Geesh, real nice huh…..but after being called toothpick arms all day- I settled on what we will be doing.  Airplane assured me that the Valley- as I’m calling it for one day, has more than enough coupons. And usually, when people find out I’m  q’ing it’s only me, the site Q and some random guy DR from Minnesota.  So arms it is.  With some Mary Too.


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