This was a fun one. I was privileged to have four PAX join me at the Carpenter this morning for my first Q there.  As I’ve expressed before about Norton Commons and Mary T, I love this site and and encourage you to make your way out there, tank top or not, for a post if you haven’t been.

PAX: Piggy (TT), Flo Jo (TT), Weedwacker, Nickelback, Grinder (Q, TT)

As has become ritual at a few sites, the morning began with a coupon scavenger hunt.  I found a few that had made their way back under the creepy shelter, but only one was complete and without jagged edges.  When Nickelback arrived, we put on our headlamps and checked the woods at the other hiding place, but no luck.  On to plan B.

We moseyed past the office onto the recycling lot for warm-ups: SSHops (IC), AVigodas (IC), DDog, GGrabbers (IC), MPhelps.

Next, we moseyed across the street to the field and hills beside the Zoo for 11s.  I had set up cones at the bottom of the hill on my way in.  So, starting at the top of the hill, we did one Jump Thruster, then ran down the hill and did 10 Merkins…and so on. We then brought the cones in a little more than half the original distance, but instead of 11s, we did 7s: one Plank Jack (4-count) at the top of the hill, Crab Walk down, 6 Lunges (both legs), Bear Crawl up…and so on.  We then went down to the flat part of the field and did a Leapfrog Burpee, Native American Inchworm, switching plank styles after each PAX finished his set.   Each PAX did three sets of this exercise.  We finished up with some Mary (LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, Gas Pumps, Box Cutters, and V-Ups), then moseyed back to the Flag for name-o-rama, announcements, intentions, and thanks.

T-claps to Flo Jo and Nickelback, each who ran before the workout. It was great being with these two in a small group and getting to talk to them more, as I’ve only posted with them once or twice before and always in bigger groups.  Piggy and I are starting to see a lot of each other lately, which has been awesome.  He’s a true HIM and always pushes me and is a source of encouragement at workouts.  Lastly, I was pumped that Weedwacker made the trip out.  It was my first time meeting him and it was really special to share the morning with him.  As always, I was humbled by your presence, fellas.  Until next time (which, by the way, is the Extender at the Mutt this Thursday… if you’re still reading this, you should come!), Grinder out.

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