6/19/18 Bag of Wrenches Backblast: #WhamsOneYearAnniversary #Blessed


QIC: Wham!

14 PAX: Vincent (R); Fall Guy (Double R); Cutlass; Chicken Fried; Tin Cup; Donger; DoDoDoDoDoDoDoDo; Who Dey; OJ; Swifty; Cardinal; Pablo; Loco; Wham!

Time: 0530

Weather: 81 Degrees with “Feels Like” Temp of 86 Degrees (Hello Summer)

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Kilo Yellow Champion Shirt (for street running); Generic Gray Shorts with Black Stripes; Nike Quarter Cut Socks; Gray Salomon Speedcross 3’s; F3 Louisville Hoorag; Headlamp (for street running).

Travel back with me to late June 2017 when I finally gave into the full court press of Captain Insane-O and posted at The O (was it even called The O back then?) on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.  CI had pestered me for at least a month before I ran out of excuses and gave in that morning, but even then, I had no intention of making it a regular thang in my life.  Now fast forward to today — approximately a year later –when, according to our resident robot Tron’s magic weasel shaker machine, I’ve posted 176 times and Q’ed 17 times.  I also participated in a 14 hour overnight Grow Ruck event while carrying a 40+ lb backpack and other heavy things I had no business carrying.  And more importantly, over the pasty year, I’ve made countless new friends, rekindled other friendships that had slowly faded over time, gained a ton of confidence in myself and generally gotten better in every aspect of my life (I still have a long way to go…but I’m on the right path).  Without going on any longer, there is no doubt that my life has changed for the better over the past year and that F3 is much more than a workout.  Simply stated, I’m blessed to be a part of it.

Because today was my 1ish year anniversary (I’ll be out of town next week for my actual anniversary date), I decided to recreate my first post which was Q’ed  by F3 Louisville Royalty and my longtime friend Starchild (I still love you SC even if you posted at The Rooster today).  I had to make a few modifications, primarily due to Metro Louisville Government’s disdain for mowing certain sections of The O this year, but I was mostly able to recreate Starchild’s weinke from June 27, 2017.  SC’s theme that day was to keep things simple rather than wasting time with excessive instructions, etc.  Nothing fancy.  Just get to work.  So that’s what we did today.

As a sidenote, below is a screenshot from SC’s Backblast that day which shows the other Pax who posted that day, most of whom are still actively involved in F3.

Short mosey around the short side of The O loop to the tennis courts for the following:

  • 20 SSHs in 4 Count Cadence
  • 15 Abe Vigodas in 4 Count Cadence
  • 20 Copperhead Squats in 4 Count Cadence
  • 20 Merkins in 2 Count Cadence
  • 20 Flutter Kicks in 4 Count Cadence

Thang 1
We took off from the tennis courts and hit the mean streets of The O on a brisk run to a hillside on Hole #3 of Seneca Park’s Golf Course, just off the road.   This would be the site of Jacob’s Ladder which involved running up the hill a number of times and doing an ascending number of burpees at the top of the hill before moseying back down to the bottom and then repeating.  Starchild’s weinke on the day of my first post did this same thing on the hillside across the street from where we were (sometimes affectionately referred to as Burpback Mountain) but the 2 foot high grass on that hillside caused me to call an audible and move Thang 1 across the street.  The instruction to the Pax from YHC was to start with 1 burpee at the top of the hill and increase it by 1 each time at the top of the hill until getting to 10 burpees.  And to “rest,” the Pax was instructed to do 10 gas pumps at the bottom of the hill each time before heading back up.  This amounted to a total of 55 burpees and 100 gas pumps, while running up and down the hill 10 times.  Woof.  Side note:  I was next to Pablo during this Thang and he absolutely killed it.  T-claps to him.

Thang 2
After a slow 10 count, we moseyed back to the road and took off back toward the shovel flag.  Upon arrival, there was another 10 count and then we set off for Thang 2.  This involved running around The O loop until we got to the 10th light post.  To spice things up, we made this a Native American run (this was EC and not included in Starchild’s WO).  Once we got to the 10th light post, we turned around and headed back while stopping at each light post to do an exercise.  For the first 5 light posts, we did 10 Rosalitas in 4 count cadence.  For the final 5 light posts, we did 10 Imperial Squat Walkers in 4 count cadence.  At some point during this Thang, a runner who strongly resembled Kidnapper Van zoomed past us and said something to the effect of “What’s up Fellas.”  I can only assume KV intended this to be a “flyover” of some sort in honor of my 1 year anniversary.

We arrived back at the shovel flag just a shade past 0615 and quickly circled up for count-a-rama, name-a-rama, and announcements.  We then gathered into the Ball of Man where we shared intentions and wrapped up the day.  YHC thanked the Pax and also left them with a thought that had been tweeted out by FIA Louisville the night before:  “The things you do when no one is looking are the things that define you.”  Such a simple, yet difficult, principle to live by.

Thank you for the past year F3 Louisville.  Let’s keep this thing going (and growing).






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