Backblast – 6/21 – The Extender

It was great coming home to the Mutt to lead this workout.  I can’t think of anywhere else I would have rather celebrated my Native American heritage than here with the 10 PAX in attendance: Fergie, Old Bay, Deuce, Fridge, Zima, Wham-O, Geppetto, Tiger, Steerage, Grinder (Q).  Surprisingly, Site Q Zoolander was not in attendance.  I didn’t even get a drive-by during warm-ups to flash a bow tie or a message on Slack asking me what I wore.  Whatevs.  He was missed, but we made it through.

After disclaimer, we moseyed to the side of the school for warm-ups.  It was the usual for YHC: SSH, Abe Vigodas, Downward Dog, Runner’s Stretch, Grass Grabbers and some Michael Phelps.

Next, I explained to the PAX how everything else we were going to do that day was to be done in the Native American style: All PAX in a line doing one activity, while the HIM in the back of the line makes his way to the front doing another.  Here’s what we did:

Thang 1 – Native American Run down to St. Matthews Ave. and back.

Thang 2 – Native American Bear Crawls: PAX lined up, doing AMRAP Squats, while HIM in the back did Bear Crawl to the front of the line.  We repeated this for half the length of the building.

Thang 3 – Native American Burpee Inchworm: PAX lined up in plank position, while HIM in the back did Leapfrog Burpees to the front of the line.  We alternated planks between 2-hand, right hand only, and left hand only as each HIM reached the front.  We repeated this for the second half of the length of the building.

Thang 4 – Native American No Idea What to Call This One: Each PAX lined up with several feet in between them and did Jump Thrusters (2-hand Bobby Hurleys), while the HIM in the back weaved his way to the front between them in a defensive basketball crouch, sliding feet the whole way.

Thang 5 – Native American Coupon AMRAP: The final part of the workout took about 20 minutes and consisted of coupon work on the reflection path.  We lined up, each with a coupon, and while the PAX did AMRAP sets of a given exercise, the HIM in the back would run to the front, prisoner-style, with the coupon held above his head.  We switched exercises each time the 10th HIM had made his way to the front of the line.  Coupon exercises consisted of Curls, Skull Crushers, Flutter Kicks, Chest Presses, Right and Left hand Rows, Coupon Swings, Box Cutters, and LBCs.

After returning coupons, we were running a minute or two behind, so we hustled to the flag for COT.  Announcements and Intentions were made and Praise and Thanks were given.  I had a lot of fun with this one and truly appreciate all the guys that came out.  Until next time…

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