BackBlast #theFOG Abacus Q 6/23/18 @poshlands


Fear slows me down from time to time. Driving home from today’s post I saw a small bird attacking a large predator bird. Do birds experience fear? I have no idea. I know that small bird was running the big bird and having a good go of it. The small bird appeared to be acting in a manner of consistency (e.g., if the big bird provoked the small bird the small bird would have the same response every time).

F3 has brought a level of consistency and accountability into my life! This is a welcome addition! Although I did not “need” the permission to stand for doing the right things, being a good steward to my community, helping others, etc., F3 gave me permission. F3 gives you permission…FREED to LEAD!!!

Consistency helps me push through the fears I encounter in life!

Check out the weekly podcast from F3 (! Tons of outstanding information on wide range of topics.

Last night 40 men made a difference for one of our own and we had a blast (at least I did). Thanks Kilo and CI for pulling this together!

You know a man who could benefit from F3! Headlock him. Give the gift!

On to the FOG!

As I rolled out of the fartsack, I was sore and my back was stiff…Oh no this could be a rough Q! Arrived early and knocked down some merkins.

Greeted the PAX and we moseyed for COP


SSH – IC, Squats, Merkins (25), Kendra Newmans, Monkey Humbers

THANG – Grinder

6 exercises 10 times each for 10 rounds


Air Squats


Mountain Climbers I/C

Monkey Humpers I/C

Squat Thrust

Rinse and Repeat O

After 5 rounds we lined up for Indian Run around the Egg lawn. At the half way point, PAX dropped for 25 merkins and then PAX regrouped for remaining 5 rounds.

Indian Run back towards flags


At the WALL (by the silo) variation of Jack Webb.

One Box Jump or Step-up onto wall / Four dips on the wall. ALL the way to 10 X 40

Moseyed to Flags


Count off

Name o Rama PAX included

Aerobie R
Hot wheels
Mr hat
Double down R
Little Jerry R

Intentions – Double Down’s wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hat, Pope, Abacus’ M, Weedwacker. Thankful for all ruck PAX safely navigated the CASUP event last night!

Coffeteria with Double Down, Cochran, and Abacus

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