Back blast – The Mutt – 06-23-18 – Aiken Legs

So I must admit, walking out of Molly Malone’s after the Ruck party last night and hearing a snicker here, a laugh over there, and endless “Are you really Qing tomorrow” questions, I was more than a little concerned. My hips and calves were aching and my shoulders & chest hurt so much that it felt like someone had done all 10,000 of their push ups on them. None the less, I signed up and I knew I would have at least a few people there counting on me. My plan was not to run much which we didn’t, however, I found a new leg workout in the F3 pain manual and I thought why not? It honestly didn’t look too bad… until we started doing it, then I began to think differently. I have a feeling I will be feeling the effects for some time to come. Regardless, I had a GREAT time at the Ruck and to the 6 HIM’s that showed up this morning, thanks for being there and helping me get through it.

Q: Backdraft

Pax: Scratch, Diguorno, Wham O, Tureen, Quimby, Pepperoni

COP: Side Straddle Hops, Runners Stretch, Downward dog leg/calf stretches, Cobra, Grass Grabbers, Shoulder Touch Plank, Copper Head Squats

Thang 1: Aiken Legs – 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (10 Per Leg), 20 Split Jacks. Then repeat a second time and plank waiting for the six. Second Round – 20 Squats, 20 Step Ups (10 per leg), 20 Lunges (10 Per Leg), 30 Mountain Climbers….and repeat.

Thang 2: Coupon Work in front of the portico – 20 Coupon curls, 20 Coupon Squats, 20 Coupon Thrusters, 20 Coupon Swings, 20 Hand Over Hand Coupon Merkins, 20 Coupon Shoulder Raises, 20 Coupon Deadlifts, 20 Coupon Rows, 20 Coupon Copper Head Squats, 20 Coupon Presses. After each set of 20 run to the curb and complete 10 LBC’s for the first 5 sets and then 10 second plank at the curb for last 5 sets.

Thang 3: Say Anything Time Bomb – Circle up with Coupons held over your head (Just like John Cusack did in Say Anthing) The Q begins 8 overhead Coupon Presses, when he gets to the count of 3 the guy next to him starts his 8 overhead presses and this continues around the circle. When your 8 reps are finished you hold the coupon over your head until everyone finishes. Then the Q starts the same process again going to a count of 7. This continues on until you countdown to 1 rep for each PAX member in the circle. It’s a total of 36 Overhead Presses while continually holding the Coupon over your head. Woof!

Coupons were returned and we moseyed up the hill to finish with some Mary.

Thang 4: Mary (I am sorry but I hate this bitch) – 20 LBC’s, 20 Side Crunches (10 Per Side), 20 Hip Lifts, 20 Leg Lifts, 20 Toe Touch Crunches, 20 Tic Toc’s, 20 DaVinci’s, and 20 Zartan/Pfeifer Sissor Kicky Thingy’s.

COT: Intentions were heard. Quimby asked for prayers for his parents who are dealing with age related issues. Gave thanks for being physically and mentally able to get out do this crazy thing we all love so much. Finally, as much as I thought this morning was going to suck after the ruck last night, it wasn’t nearly as bad because of the HIM’s who showed up. Thanks guys.


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