THE MAX: Back Blast (6/23)

It was a perfect morning for a workout at Bayside. We’ve got a lot of regular PAX on vacation and other places so the numbers were a little down. However, that didn’t stop us from pushing ourselves to get better. I had to modify the workout on the fly since we didn’t have even numbers, but thanks to Gilly and Shuttlecock we adapted and overcame quickly!

PAX (3):
Shuttlecock (R)
Banana Bread (Q)

SSH x35 (IC)
Calf stretches
Grass Grabbers x20 (IC)
Flutter kicks x25 (IC)
Ankle biters x25 (IC)
SSH x35 (IC)

The Thang:

3 man circuit

man 1: coupon lunges
man 2: 7 burpees, 10 Merkins
man 3: 50 LBCs

We started in 10 yd increments using the yard markers at Bayside. Man 1 began at 20 yd line, man 3 at 10 yd line, man 2 at goal line. Everyone began exercising. Man 2 when finished ran to meet man 1 and take coupon, man 1 started LBCs, man 3 ran to man 1 and started burpees/merkins. It was a little confusing but we caught on pretty quick. We completed 4 100 yd circuits.

The original plan was to do this circuit as partners. One lunging and one completing burpees/merkins/LBCs.

Mary work (2 sets)

American hammers x25 (IC)
Freddie Mercury x20 (IC)
Flutter kicks x20 (IC)

4 x 25s: Dips & squats

Partner completes 25 squats while other completes as many dips as possible. Repeat for 4 sets.

Mosey back to the flag. Intentions were expressed for all those PAX out, Gilly has had a difficult house closing that should finish this week.

No workout at Bayside this Tuesday. PAX are encouraged to visit the Posh on Monday. We will Take a clown car over from Simpsonville Baptist.

I will be the site Q for The Max moving forward. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to build on what we’ve started in Shelby Co!

– Banana Bread

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