I had grown used to leading smaller groups at my past few workouts, so when I showed up at the Mutt on Tuesday and saw 19 other PAX waiting for me, I was pumped.  Little did I know what the morning would bring: miscounted PAX, broken coupons, FNG name malfunctions (more on all that in a minute).  It was wild, and as always, I learned a ton and got better in the process.

PAX: Snowman, Hooch (FNG – Formerly Jobu aka Joe Boo), Cowbell (aka Chest of Steel), Deuce, Steerage, Pepperoni, Left Eye, Tiger, Fridge, Quimby, Mad Cow, Mouth, Scratch, Miyagi, Waterboy, Backdraft, Wham-O, Wedding Singer, Sir Top Em Hat, Grinder (Q)

Conditions: No rain, but otherwise hot, wet, and slick

We started with a mosey to the large lot for a quick warm-up.  The usual Grinder mix of SSHs, Abe Vigodas, Downward Dog, Runner’s Stretch, Grass Grabbers, and Michael Phelps.

Next we ran down to grab coupons and brought them back to the small lot directly behind the school for some Elevensies. The PAX all lined up along the parking spaces with their coupons for the following: Start with 10 overhead Coupon Presses, Bear Crawl the length of two parking spaces, do 1 Copperhead Squat, then Leapfrog Burpee back to the starting line. This was not a fun one for me,  and by the relative silence that ensued for the next 10-15 minutes, I don’t believe the rest of the PAX enjoyed it much more than I did.  However, we all survived, all completed it and moved on to the toughest challenge of the morning…counting.

This was 100% on me.  I knew I needed 4 groups of 5 for the next event (Starfish on the big lot), but for some reason I had everyone count off by 5’s, instead giving me 5 groups of 4.  Once we sorted out the confusion, we were able to begin. Everyone began at the center point with 10 Merkins, then Group 1 headed to the first corner for 10 Coupon Curls, Group 2 to second corner for 10 Plank Jacks, Group 3 to third corner for 10 Coupon Skull Crushers, and Group 4 to the fourth corner for 10 Jump Thrusters.  All PAX completed this full circuit twice, then we went around a third time, but without the Merkins in the middle, replacing it with an AYG run back from each station. Cowbell provided us our entertainment for the set, shattering a coupon against his steel chest during curls.  I don’t know what that coupon said to him, but it should have thought twice.

We had about 90 seconds of time left after returning coupons to do LBCs, then headed back to the flag for COT.  Discovering that our FNG had been a college baseball player, we were very proud of ourselves for naming him Jobu from Major League.  Later in the the morning, we were informed that there was already a Jobu (spelled Joe Boo), so Deuce had to did deep for the new name, Hooch, from League of Their Own.  I never knew that was Deuce’s favorite movie, but these are the things you learn at F3;)

It was great to be back at the Mutt and great to be leading such a large group.  I didn’t expect that, so I had to make a lot of adjustments to my plan on the fly, which was fun. I was humbled by all the guys that showed up, and want to thank you all for making me a better man with every second I spend with you.  Grinder out.

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