BackBlast – 6/28 – Temple of Gloom

Large Explosion

I finished up my month-long marathon of Qs with a trip back to the O for the Temple of Gloom.  I thought this workout was going to end like the picture above, because up until late the night before, I had no idea whatsoever what we were going to do. So, back against the wall, I went with what I knew: I knew the lengths on the tennis courts, I knew BLIMPS, and I knew I had a kick-ass Beastie Boys playlist that I could put on repeat.  Let’s do this.

PAX: Loco, OJ, Vincent(R), Butcher, Shiplap, Tin Cup, Trump, FloJo, DoDoDoDoDo, Zima, Redhawk(R), Grinder (Q)

I’m going to elaborate very little on the exercises, because I want to focus on the PAX that were there.  They were everything. Basically, we did BLIMPS, 50 of each exercise. First set of 50, partners would alternate exercises with Bear Crawl out, 10 SSH, Bernie Sanders back. Second set of 50, partners would alternate exercises AYG run out, 10 Jump Thruster, AYG run back.  Then we finished up with some Mary.  It was hard and taxing, but everybody kicked ass.

Now about the PAX:

First, my partner Trump killed it.  Every time I got back to him, he had completed a ton of reps and really carried the weight of the team.  Awesome.

Next, Flo Jo and Vincent.  I always get pumped when I work out with these guys because they give it everything, every time and have fun with it.  Hell, they did an EC loop around the park before I even got there.  Respect.

This was my first time posting with Shiplap and DoDoDoDoDo (Is that the right number of Do’s?), but I was really impressed with how hard they were pushing it.  I can’t wait to post with them again and get a chance to talk with them more next time.

Zima is my dude and he and I have posted a ton together and Q’d together and he always pushes me to be a better Q.

Tin Cup has been to three of my workouts now and either he likes them or he just doesn’t check who’s Qing those mornings or just doesn’t care.  Regardless, he juggles a family load that I can’t even begin to comprehend, so I was really motivated seeing him out again.

OJ crushed it as usual, and my respect for him grew even more knowing the injury that he’s dealing with.  The workout I put out there had him modifying a lot, but he kept moving the whole time and got it done – a perfect example of what this is all about.

This was only Redhawk’s second post, but I didn’t know that until after the workout and would have never known if he hadn’t told me.  Dude was crushing it and thanked me after the work out.  No, Redhawk, thank you!

My biggest shoutouts of the day, however, go to Loco and Butcher.  Loco lived up to his name at this workout.  I mean, by the time all was said and done, I wanted to make him my spirit animal.  When I said, “All You Got” run, and then I watched what he was doing, it gave a whole new meaning to AYG.  After dozens of reps and dozens of trips down that court, he was still sprinting at full speed.  It was inspirational.  No joke.  I would not have had the same intensity workout if I had not been watching that guy the whole time, trying to match what he was doing.

Lastly, Butcher …The guy completely demolished the workout, but what we didn’t know until the COT was that he was leaving soon after to travel to spend some final time with his mother who is terminally ill.  The fact that he could have something that profound happening in his life, and he could have chosen any way to deal with it that morning, and what he chose was to be with us at F3…well, that says a lot about him and about this group.  Prayers and love to Butcher and his family through this time and thanks to all that came out.  I became a better man Thursday morning, 100% because of you guys.

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