Back-blast: The TANK July 4th Celebration

PAX: Kilo, PK, Carlton (fng), Maytag (fng), Worm, Banana Bread, Hotwheels, Q- Newman.

Kilo got us started with Fireworks ( what a great way to start) and created an awesome Playlist ( so glad you did this) for us to bang out this beatdown

-1776 Beatdown-

Honor thy Flag- 50 Merkins, 13 Burpees

3 minute jog x 2

Screamin’ Eagles 101st Airborne- 51 SSH, 50 Squat jumps

10th Mountain Division- 10 Mtn climbers

Night-stalkers 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment- 80 Imperial walkers, 80 Lunges (40 each leg)

Seal Team 6- 6 Superman’s

AFSOC or PJ’s(Pararescue)- 1000 Flutter Kicks completed in 4 sets of 250

100 LBC

100 Abe Vi’s ( windmills )

100 Cherry Pickers

33 Chain Breakers- Average total months each branch spends on deployment (# combined)

50 USA count American Hammers

25 Arms interlocked Big Boy Sit-ups (For VINCE) #teaminVINCEable

Fire Cracker popsicles

Thanked God for the Ultimate Sacrifice, The Members of our Armed Services and their Families,Thanked PAX for coming out and the support, Informed the Pax we had 1776 new reasons we got better this morning

Name-o-Rama  and Kilo lead us out in Prayer

It was an Honor to lead you men this morning .Thank You guys for all your help this morning I could not have done it without each and everyone of you guys.

Newman – Out



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