Backblast: Liberty Park, TX 7/12/18 @F3Plano @F3Louisville..a grumbly, mumbly, fumbly time.


The morning dew had yet to settle, on the hallowed grounds of Liberty Park hallow.  When YHC rolled up to receive a beat down, the dark had not lifted…nor light not down.  The sun…not up….the moon…not down…my spirits could not have been higher.  As i stepped into my rented V dub I became anxious and dwyer.  The beating 30 min away, would certainly set the stage, for my Louisville brethery and would easily reveal my age.  My tummy was grumbly, my head a bit mumbly, my feet a bit bumbly….but I was read-ily.  To show the Pax of @PlanoF3 that @F3louisville was fo real..not poshly.  Into the parking lot I pulled,  15 min early, only -10 min late…for those with punctuality.

I waited….and I waited…and I waited and I waited…until my waiter couldn’t wait any longer-ed.  Twas no @Mookie, nor @Mizzourah, not even an @fredsanchez11 to be seen seen in the Gloom with YHC growing saddeegez..  Not even an @f3dallas Pax among the morning sheen.  Where was the #shovelflag?  Where was the mumblechatter?  Where was the shovely-mumbly-not-humbly-chatter?  Unsure at this time, but for those Pax who posted, I’m sure it resided that this Pax would be roasted.  Back into my steed, I crawled with a grimace…to drive back to my domicile plotting revenge through this instance.  Work out did i do…hell yes I damn did.  I killed it in the weight room of the Westin I did.  And all the while in they’re beds they did slumber the Pax, of @F3Plano dreamt dreams of sheer hunger. Nom…nom…nom.

Face Out…we’re the best, hands down.

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